Kyra’s Hawaii Island Hopping Adventure – Part 2

26609986_2062457970691866_213245686_oAloha again! I am now on the island of Kauai, also known as the Garden Isle! Wow is it beautiful here! Did you know that only 20% of the island is accessible by car? That being said, the best way to see the island is by air. I had the amazing opportunity to take an hour long helicopter tour with Sunshine Helicopters! During the ride we got to see a bit of Waimea Canyon, countless waterfalls, the Napali Coast, and even some whales! It was truly breathtaking and is the highlight of my trip!

We also got to go to Koloa Rum Co to sample some of their rum which they produce on the island. So tasty!


We then ended the day with a sunset dinner garden tour at Allerton Gardens! Walking through the jungle-like gardens we saw areas where parts of Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides and Jurassic Park were filmed! That was pretty neat! If you love nature or movie locations, this would be a great tour for you!

Anyways, until my next adventure update, mahalo!

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Kyra’s Hawaii Island Hopping Adventure – Part 1



I have been on the Big Island of Hawaii for a couple of days now! I’ve had the


UCC Hawaii

opportunity to do some pretty awesome activities such as roasting my own coffee at UCC, attending a Luau at the Royal Kona Resort, glass bottom boat tour at Anaeho’omalu Bay, Akaka Falls, picnic lunch at Rainbow Falls, orchid planting at Akatsuka Orchid Gardens, and Volcanoes National Park!

Every activity has been so much fun and I would highly recommend all of them! The Luau at Royal Kona Resort includes your meal, your drinks, orchid bracelet making, sharpie tattoos, and the fantastic show! At UCC, you get to roast your own Kona coffee and they even package it up with a personalized label for you to take home!


Glass Bottom Boat

On the glass bottom boat we saw tons of sea turtles, fish, and coral which was pretty amazing! All waterfalls seen have just been stunning! The orchid gardens are beautiful, informative, and a fun experience! Volcanoes National Park is very unique with different landscapes, craters, lava tubes, and rainbows! A tip though – make sure to wear warmer layers and a light jacket as the elevation tends to make it a bit chillier and there is misty rain!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

El Dorado Royale – Amanda’s Riviera Maya Adventure Part 3

Well friends, I’m sad to say goodbye to this lively place. I have done some fun activities and ate at some new restaurants at the resort, along with meeting some great new employees.

I took some fun Salsa and Meringue lessons led by the entertainment team. It’s always good to learn some new steps and meet new people. Spanish music always makes people feel like dancing. I also had a try at archery. I did pretty well for my first time.

We used some bicycles from our resort and took our own tour along the beach. We went all the way from the end of our resort, went by the Casitas resort and ended at the Generations resort. These are all very pretty Karisma resorts. It was good to see what they were like.

We ate at a restaurant called La Pizzeria and had some fresh oven baked pizza, with some nachos and guacamole. I love the health bar onsite for yummy smoothies and tasty treats. Our last meal was at the Kampau restaurant at the Casita resort. It was highly recommended by people we spoke to. There was really great Oriental food with lots of selection. There are even options for those who don’t prefer sushi or seafood.

The evening shows are all really great. Since my previous post we have seen amazing fire dancers, more acrobats, and ended the last night with Golden stars. There were singers and dancers performing songs by ABBA, Rihanna, Madonna, just to name a few. They were all amazing to watch. 20171217_222309

I must say the resort was relaxing and quiet, but also had some fun activities and entertainment if you choose to participate. There are many options depending on your vacation preferences. The customer service there is phenomenal and they always say “it’s a pleasure”.

Thanks for tuning in and feel free to contact me about a vacation at a Karisma property or anywhere else you may want to go.   You can reach me at 306-934-3400 or amanda@uniglobevacation.comGracias.


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El Dorado Royale – Amanda’s Riviera Maya Adventure Part 2

Hola again, from Riviera Maya Mexico!

It is so beautiful and serene here, I’m sad my trip is half over already. Since my previous blog, I have seen much more of the resort, enjoyed more delicious meals and seen some amazing evening shows.

So far my favorite meal was at Fuentes restaurant where we had a 5 course meal while watching the chef explain and show how it was made. If you were not sitting close enough to see, they had big screen TVs showing what was going on.

My favorite show so far is a circus one where there were professional acrobats, skippers, jugglers, just to name a few of the acts in the show.


Last night for something different we went to 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen for the evening. It is full of little shops with local vendors, great bars and restaurants, and some smaller hotels. The street was beautifully decorated for Christmas. You could literally spend hours on this street and have a total Mexican cultural experience. There are designer stores at one end for those who like higher end shopping too.

Today it rained for most of the day. I was pleasantly surprised with the options of things to do even though it was raining. There is ping-pong, movies on a big screen, books to read, board games to play, painting ceramic pieces and more.

All around still a wonderful experience and looking forward to more fun. I’ll tell you about it soon. Come back to read more about the remainder of my adventures.

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El Dorado Royale – Amanda’s Mayan Riviera Part 1


Hola from the beautiful El Dorado Royale in Cancun area in Mexico. It is a 5 star luxury adults only resort.  Guests of this hotel can also use the restaurants and bars at the Casita section and the family resort called Generations.

When we first arrived I was awed by the beautiful lobby and fantastic service from everyone.  We got some wonderful drinks as they were arranging for our room at our personal check in desk. The rooms are very large and wonderfully decorated with a contemporary design and colors. There is a huge bathroom with a large Jacuzzi tub.


The food has been very delicious so far and all of the staff are friendly and accommodating to all guest needs. The beach sand is white and very soft. The water is the turquoise as is expected when in the Caribbean. They have an artificial reef all along the coastline in front of this resort which is awesome for snorkelling. They also have wave breakers so the water is very calm. Everything has been fantastic and I look forward to sharing more about my adventures soon. Stay tuned!


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As the remainder of my time in Maui was spent mainly in conference meetings at the Fairmont Kea Lani, I think it is important to comment on their meeting and convention facilities. The meeting rooms were very nice and unlike some, the A/C was very adjustable – one day was too warm, but they were able to cool the room quickly and one day the A/C was too cold, but they were able to turn it down and warm the room quickly, making the setting comfortable for attendees, which is important. We had several coffee breaks with fruit and baked goods, all of which were good – a nice selection of coffee and tea as well. The three lunches we had were lovely, set either on the patio outside out meeting room or on the lawn – beautiful settings, a nice break from being inside and good food as well. The staff were friendly and attentive, always saying hello and asking if they could help. The WIFI worked quite well through most of the hotel, although a little spotty in my room, which was at the end of of one of the wings. Although I wasn’t the organizer, from what I could tell, everything went very smoothly. Fairmont is a high quality product and everything was well done.


One evening we had a sponsored dinner in Lahaina. Although I have been to Maui before, I had never spent much time in Lahaina and was looking forward to going. We had a bit of time to wander Front Street and shop for a few souvenirs and the setting felt very Hawaiian with the ocean on one side and the green mountains on the other. I don’t think I found any great bargains, but I did manage to pick up a couple of things I was looking for and have a nice stroll around the area. We all met at the Pacific’O Restaurant for a sunset dinner.

The Sunset was gorgeous and the setting was perfect. Beachfront, ocean views, a nice evening with warm weather and no wind. It couldn’t have been any better. The staff at the restaurant were great, very attentive and quick at bringing drinks, taking drinks, bringing around trays of pupu’s. For dinner, we had a choice of fish, lamb or beef. As I had fish the night before, I thought i would try the beef filet with Gorgonzola cheese on top, even though it was Hawaii and fish is usually the way to go. I was pleasantly surprised! The filet was as good as any I have had at a steakhouse back in Canada. It was the best meal I had the entire time I was in Maui – a big thumbs up and the next time I go to Maui, I would make a point of going back.

I would usually rent a car on Maui as it’s necessary to get around, but as I knew I wouldn’t have time to be out exploring, I decided to use a car service instead. I used a company called Maui ATS – Maui Airport Taxi Service – for a rate of $49 USD each way, it was less than taking a taxi. The drivers were waiting on time both ways and the drivers were friendly and professional. I would recommend them to anyone needing car service in Maui.

Sadly, my time in Maui was not longer, but I was lucky to be flying Air Canada Rouge in Premium Rouge class. It made the longer flights and night flights much more comfortable. The staff was friendly and the meal service was good. I also had a 7 hour layover in Vancouver and decided to get a day room rate at the Fairmont Vancouver airport. For a rate of $129, I had a room for 4 hours. I was able to get another 3 hours of sleep after not getting a lot of sleep on the night flight from Maui and have a shower and change my clothes before having to continue my journey home. It was well worth it and I felt significantly better for having spent my time there.


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Czarina’s Huatulco Holiday – Part 3


Tangolunda Bay

Our last days were quickly approaching so we thought it was time to visit one of the small towns nearby.  The town of La Crucecita is a quick 5 minute drive/$5USD cab ride from Dreams Huatulco.  It’s the closest resort town near the Huatulco hotel zone.

We arrived around 6pm to the main square on the weekend.  At first it was a little intimidating since there are lots of people walking around this smaller square area.  After a couple of minutes, the small bits of worry were gone when we saw all the neat stores and restaurants.

If you are looking for good deals on trinkets this is your “jam”.  I didn’t even have to barter back in forth with the sales people.  Everything is so darn cheap!    I love it!  Though I have loads of junk at home, we always bring back small gifts for those back home.  This year everyone will receive a magnet… J

No visit to La Crucecita is complete without a stop at La Crema Bar!  It’s a pizza joint run 25139283_10159643156795024_1444285742_oby some local hippies.  It was some of the best pizza I’ve ever had and I’ve been a pizza connoisseur since the 80s.  An extra large Hawaiian pizza with 3 large lime margaritas and 1 chocolate milk cost us an even $24USD.  Not bad at all for a great meal!

I’ve fallen in love with Huatulco and will definitely return again to experience this lovely destination!

If you are interested in visiting Huatulco or have any questions about this amazing part of Mexico please feel free to reach out to me at 306-934-3400 or 

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