Colleen’s Down in New Orleans – Blog 4

With our trip wrapping up, we are sorry to leave New Orleans.  It was so much more than I expected.  It was never on my radar but had always been my Mom’s dream to see the Mississippi river and I am so glad that we did.  We have had such a great time, from the music to the food to the people.  We met such great people all the way through our trip.  The French Quarter is such a great part of the city to walk and lots of places to shop and people watch.

Here are some tips to make your trip easier.

  • Book your tours in advance, there were many people getting turned away when we were picking up our tickets.
  • If you are taking the River  Boat Cruise on the Natchez sit on the left hand side of the boat.  As they leave the dock, they will talk about what you are passing.
  • When you get off the river boat, turn left and take the Riverwalk to the outlet mall.  This is the only place you can walk on the river in New Orleans.
  • Go for a drink in the courtyard at Pat O’Briens.  It’s great to get away from the crowds and listen to the fountain.  The Hurricane cocktail originated from this restaurant.  They also have a dueling piano bar.
  • Check out Bourbon Street, it’s like Spring Break every day.
  • If you want to listen to good New Orleans jazz go to Frenchman Street and stop at the Spotted Cat.  Small venue but some great musicians.
  • If you want to get a good picture of Jackson Square, go across the street and you can get a great picture of the church and the square.
  • If you are looking for art work, check out Jackson Square.  Here you can talk to the artists and buy your favorite piece.
  • If you are interested in history check out the 1850 house on Jackson Square.  It costs $3.00 to go into the house that has been setup as a small museum to see how they lived in 1850.
  • Take a plantation tour.  If you love history, it will be worth the trip.  It will take you out of the city to see the bayou and Lake Pontchartrain.

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I hope that my blogs have sparked your interest in New Orleans.  We will definitely be going back! If you want to plan your own vacation to this wonderful destination please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.


Colleen’s Down in New Orleans – Blog 3

Alligator bites

Alligator Bites

This place is a foodie paradise!   We have been doing so many things while we are in New Orleans but everywhere you turn there is food and something to drink. We have tried the seafood, a Po’Boy sandwich’ a Hurricane drink but nothing says New Orleans like Cafe Du Monde.  There is always a long line no matter the time if day but the lines move quickly because there is only beignets and coffee. If you come to New Orleans you must try a beignet. The come warm and covered in icing sugar. Outside there is always some music playing. This is a great New Orleans experience.

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Colleen’s Down in New Orleans – Blog 2

Home on the Garden District

Home in the Garden District

Whenever we get to a new city we always ride the Hop on Hop off bus. It gives you a good idea where places are located and the guide will give you great information. Our guide Dustin was no different. He knows the history of the city and all the stories. We went to the Garden District today and had a quick tour of the area. The houses here are amazing and there is also great shopping on Market Street.

We are loving exploring New Orleans!

Parasols on the ceiling at Traceys on Magazine Street

Parasols on the ceiling at Tracey’s on Magazine Street.

Colleen’s Down in New Orleans – Blog 1

This year, my girls trip with my sisters and mother brings us to New Orleans.

Jackson Square

Jackson Square

We were up early for our flight and arrived in New Orleans around 1pm. We took a quick trip to the French Quarter and into the madness. The French Quarter is not that big but the amount of people is just crazy.  The first thing we notice is that the people are great. They are so friendly. The second is that you can drink anywhere and they have quite a few bars. Everyone is walking down the street drinks in hand.

TIP you must have picture ID to get a drink.

The drinking age is 21 and if you don’t have ID – no drink. My Mom who is a senior couldn’t get a drink without ID.   Bring your driver’s license as you don’t want to be carrying your passport.

Went to our local bar crazy who they let in

not too sure if these guys are over 21…

If you are a party person you have come to the right town. There is music playing all over the Quarter and it’s a great mix of people music and the smell of great food.

TIP bring a good pair of walking shoes as you will put on miles when you are here.

Out of 4 we already have 2 with blisters.

Here are a few photos that we took around the French Quarter.  Stay tuned for more updates from our week in the Big Easy.

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