Celebrating 2016

2016 has been a year full amazing travel experiences and adventures.   We thought we would share some of our favourite personal travel moments with you.   This is such an amazing world we live in and we are so happy that we get to share it with you!

Karen’s Visit to Club Villain at Walt Disney World


“The one thing I have learned about Disney from my past trips is to never pass up a special ticket event. My favorite that I have been to so far is Club Villain. There is themed food and cocktails. A Dj and his dancers entertained us throughout the evening. We were given an opportunity to socialize with several diva Villains. There were no lines awaiting you to meet up with Maleficent, the Queen of Hearts, Cruela De Vil and the Evil Queen.  This is an event not to miss!”

Amanda’s Jamaican Vacation

“Beautiful water and great weather.  The Jamaican people are the friendliest and most accommodating I’ve ever been around.”

Correna’s Search for Charlie Brown in Hong Kong

“My great adventure in Hong Kong began when I tried to locate this Charlie Brown Café in downtown Hong Kong.  One piece of advice, do not think you can get by with land marks in Hong Kong.  There just happens to be a Rolex store on every block!   It was well worth the search!”

Casie’s Trip to Puerto Vallarta

“It’s fabulous”

Joanne’s Blue Lagoon Plunge in Iceland


“Iceland is the perfect destination or people looking for the unexpected.  It has something for everybody.  I was lucky enough to experience the Aurora Borealis, take in geysers and glaciers and bath in the Blue Lagoon.”

Jamie’s Family Vacation to Kauai

“Kauai Hawaii. Land of flowers, sunny beaches and Jurassic Park movies. Poipu had perfect weather and we loved the quiet, laid back feel of this Island. “

Elena’s Romantic European River Cruise

“Life on the ship is amazing.  They say food fills the soul, well your belly will be happy also.  I went on the galley tour while on board. For a kitchen so small the meals are impressive. No soup or dressings are made from powders or pre-made starters, everything is from whole natural foods, it’s evident in every bite.

The cabins are comfortable and take your breath away.  I highly recommend paying the extra to upgrade your cabin from the lead in category. You may not think you’ll spend time in your cabin but when the sun comes up around 5am or you’re leaving port then you can just draw back the curtains and doze off and on while watching the views as you sail by.  Sailing past countless Vineyards and castle is great way to start your morning if you ask me.”

Kyra’s Family Camping Trip to Banff


“I went to the beautiful Moraine Lake and Lake Louise.  I had never been to either of those lakes before and I just fell in love with how pretty they are!”

Heather’s Destination Wedding Travels

“In 2016 I was lucky enough to travel not once but twice for amazing, beautiful destination weddings.   My brother was married in Puerto Vallarta and a dear high school friend was married in Ucluelet, British Columbia.  The first trip was another amazing family vacation but even more special.  The second a bit of a high school reunion and a road trip with two of my very best friends.”

Stephanie’s Costa Rican’ Adventure


“Kayak and paddle boarding on Lake Arenal in Costa Rica, with beautiful views of the Arenal Volcano is one of my favorite travel memories in 2016. “

Colleen’s Bucket List trip to Newfoundland

“Ales, Whales and Newfie Tales is what is waiting for you in Newfoundland and so much more.  We went for 2 weeks but could have stayed for a month.  The people, the hiking, the music, the scenery even their own winery are just some of the things that are waiting for  you.  From Iceberg Beer which you can only get in Newfoundland to the East Coast music heard at every pub it’s a must return destination.  Oh, yes don’t forget the Puffins. “

It has certainly been a memorable year.   We can’t wait to see where 2017 takes us and hope to share it all with you along the way.    If you would like any help planning your own amazing vacation please feel free to call our office at 306-242-TRIP (8747).   We would love to help you have amazing travel experiences too.

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Amanda’s Trip to Hawaii – Final Blog

Well I’m sad to say that it’s time to say goodbye to Waikiki.  I’ve had a great last few days here.

We went to the Chief’s Luau and it was great. The chief is really a chief and the luau is very traditional showing various dances from the various Polynesian countries.  We were picked up at our hotel and had a short 25min ride or so to where we needed to be.  Our host on the bus was very entertaining and kept us laughing while debriefing us about the night.  We arrived at Sea Life Park, where the luau takes place in a big outdoor area. They bring people in by wristband color as each represents a different package that people paid for.  They had some fun activities to do while waiting to eat such as, temporary henna tattoos, stick dance, hula dancing lesson, headbands woven out of palm leaves and spear throwing.  Then we got to eat, and when we were finished eating the luau began.  It was very intriguing and had lots of audience involvement.  Even called up all those celebrating special occasions and had a little something special for them all.  It was a great experience and would definitely recommend it to everyone. Just a heads up that we were picked up at 420pm, got into the luau area with the activities about 530 and was eating at 630pm. The luau started about 7pm and lasted at hour.  We were very hungry by the time we ate so would recommend preparing for a late supper.

We took a short 5 min walk to Kings Village where there were a bunch of little shops.  Very cute and good prices.

The fireworks tonight were good but we were under the impression that they would be about 15mins long…they were 5mins.  They were at the Hilton Hawaiian Village hotel.  They are supposed start at 745 but was about 8pm. There were a lot of fireworks shot off all at once.  It was about a half hour walk back to our hotel.  The main street is very pretty to walk at night as they has torches and lights up everywhere for lighting.


Our last day we started at the International Marketplace, then popped in at Duke’s Lane for last minute shopping as well as Kings Village which we found had better prices.


Then we went to the zoo as it was only a 10min walk from my hotel.  It is a 40 acre zoo with a lot of birds and African animals.  We were there 2.5hrs or so and that included having lunch there.  The food is reasonably priced which was a nice surprise, around $8. Admission to the zoo was $14USD for an adult.


Tips for travelers:

-Bring good walking shoes
-Make reservations for Duke’s restaurant ahead of time.
-Friday night fireworks at Hilton Village if you’re interested.  Their restaurant called Tropics was packed and a long line up, so prepare for that if you want to eat there.
-Book Friday night dinner cruise ahead of time as they stop to watch the fireworks too.
-There is no free WiFi at the Honolulu airport, but you can buy WiFi time.
-Most of the shops don’t open til 10am.
-If you want to surf, shop around for pricing if you have the chance as they do vary.
-The Chiefs Luau and Magic of Polynesia shows are great to see.

I really enjoyed my time in Waikiki, Oahu. I highly recommend visiting this lovely destination and I would love to help you with this fabulous vacation.

Thanks and Mahalo.

Amanda’s Trip to Hawaii – Blog 2

Aloha again from Waikiki, Oahu. Today was a great day as I got to do a tour around the island called “Grand Circle Island Tour.” We were picked up at our hotel and rode in a coach bus. We only had a couple of other pickups before we were on our way. The driver was our guide as well. He gave us a lot of interesting information about not only Oahu but all of Hawaii when we were driving between stops. He made jokes and was pretty entertaining.

Our first stop was Hanauma Bay which is a great place to snorkel. Lots of coral there. It was raining pretty hard when we were there so didn’t stay long. There is limited bus parking there so could only stay for 15 mins.


Hanauma Bay

It looked like scuba divers go there as well as there was a group of them and separate booth for them. They also had a tram that brought them from the top down to the beach.

Saw lots of beaches where the pros come to surf and do other water sports.  Lots of golf courses here that are used for big championships. We stopped a macadamia nut store and I tried them for the first time! There were many assorted flavors and I think one of my favorites were the cinnamon covered macadamia nuts.

We went along the East Coast past many beaches, we stopped at a Buddhist Temple  and also went through the Dole plantation.  Who knew you could make such many things with pineapple?  The pineapple whipped ice cream was very yummy.

A neat stop was at Kualoa Ranch where I found out lots of movies were filmed here like Jurassic Park, Karate Kid, and many others.


Kuaola Ranch

There were a few other stops on this tour and I’d be happy to share about them sometime if you’re going to Oahu and think you’d be interested in this tour.

After we got back from our tour we walked 20mins from our hotel to the Hard Rock Cafe.  The food was delicious and our server was great. He was very efficient and attentive.  The guitar covered wall was the neatest thing to see. (Fourth pic)

As I said there are a lot of shops and open air shopping centers.  We walked through some on the way back to the hotel.  Also stopped in a very nice park that was lit with torches.  You would miss it if you weren’t looking for it.


The International Market Place has been closed for two years and has its grand opening on the 25th so want to check that out sometime before we leave.

You definitely need really good walking shoes when you come here. There is also a cute trolley and city bus to help you get around as well.

Stay tuned as my adventure continues. Luau, International Marketplace, fireworks, and maybe the zoo, still to come.

Mahalo.  😊

Amanda’s trip to Hawaii – Blog 1

Aloha from Honolulu, Oahu!

This is my first time here. It was a good taking the Westjet 5.5 hour direct flight from Vancouver.  I was greeted with an orchid Lei at the Honolulu airport.  It was about a 20min shuttle ride to my Waikiki hotel, the Pacific Beach hotel. I was surprised how very busy it is along this main strip in the hotel zone of Waikiki. Lots of shops everywhere you go and people happily doing a lot of shopping.  The beach is great with powdery sand and clear blue water. It was sunny with some clouds yesterday and today was cloudy. It is supposed to be 28 degrees everyday, and some days feel more humid than others.



Eating at the world famous Duke’s restaurant was great and had some entertainment as well. There was a guy playing his guitar and singing while we were there.  They have daily entertainment with local talent.  With the meals there is usually an orchid flower on the plate. They say the flower is edible, but I didn’t eat it as it is a real orchid flower. 🙂



All of the beaches are public so there are no chairs for you. Some hotels loan out chairs and beach towels for you to use.  The Magic of Polynesia magic show was spectacular. The performance included illusions and other magic tricks, fire and knife dancing as well as Polynesian dances like Hula! There is an option to just watch the show at $59USD per person for an adult or you can eat dinner before the show as well for an additional cost.

It was interesting to be stopped by police today on the sidewalk as they were filming a scene for Hawaii Five-O.  They closed sidewalks and an intersection to shoot the clip. Apparently this is a regular occurrence around Honolulu and Waikiki. It didn’t take very long and was a surprise as we don’t have that happen at home.

I’m going to be taking the Grand Circle Island tour tomorrow.  Check back again soon to hear more about my wonderful adventures here in Waikiki.  Mahalo. 🙂

Colleen’s Hawaii Holiday – Final Blog

Our time in Kihei is done and we are moving to the Westin Kaanapali for our last 3 nights in Hawaii. Kihei and Kaanapali are 30 minutes apart but a world away.

Hawaii 06

View from Westin

Kihei is low key and quite and Kaanapali is high end and busy. The hotels that line this beach are higher priced but most think it’s worth it. The beach here is beautiful and stretches at least a mile. There is a path that runs between the ocean and the hotels for easy access to everything. In the middle is Whalers Village with plenty is shopping and ladies take out your wallets for the outlet mall in Lahaina. The shopping here is like a dream.   The prices here are a little higher than Kihei but they do have an ABC store in Whalers Village to get everything you need. There is something about Hawaii that keeps us coming back. I can’t really explain it. It’s just something you have to experience.

Hawaii 07 Hawaii 08

Jamie’s Hawaii and Australia Adventure – Final Blog

Wow, what a week in Sydney we’ve had.  I spent 5 of the days in a conference, but luckily the conference organizers had some fun and unique activities planned for us throughout our stay.  We also spent a few days catching up with friends and seeing some of the sights on our own.  Here are a few of my top picks if you have a few days in Sydney!

1)       Taronga Zoo.  It was my second visit there and went to Sydney knowing that I wanted to revisit it.  It is a quick ferry ride from Circular Quay and it really is one of the best zoos in the world.  You arrive at sea level and take a Gondola up to the top of the zoo.  From there, you spend the day making your way down to sea level again to take the ferry back to downtown Sydney.  The views of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge are incredible.  They have a wide variety of local Australian Animals as well as African animals like elephants and Giraffe and other exotic animals like Tigers, etc.  You could spend a few hours or a whole day, depending if you want to catch any of their shows.  A family pass to the zoo including the ferry, etc for 4 people is $150.00 AUD.

2)      Sailing on Sydney Harbour.  You can learn to sail with an experienced sailing company right on Sydney Harbour.  Your afternoon adventure with East Sail has you going on board with a skipper and your crew of new sailors-to-be.  You learn a few basics, then you have two races against their other sailboats.  You get to do everything from steering the sailboat to pulling and letting out the ropes (I wish I remembered what it was all called!)  It was something I wouldn’t have done on my own but it was a blast – unexpectedly my favorite thing I did in Sydney.  I am not sure the cost is as this was included in our conference rate.

Sailing on Sydney Harbour

Sailing on Sydney Harbour

3)      Sydney Aquarium.  We spent about 3 hours here with the kids and could have stayed longer if we weren’t all starving for lunch.  They have tons of sea life – sharks, dolphins, Dugong’s (looks like a Manatee) Barrier Reef fish, all kinds of Sting Rays, octopus, Platapus, sea horse, penguins, etc.  It was fabulous and the kids loved it.  It was about $26.00 AUD for adults and $16.00 AUD for kids if you bought the tickets online – they were more at the door.

4)      Darling Harbour.  I didn’t go over to Darling Harbour on my first visit to Sydney and that’s a shame.  It is a beautiful harbor with some excellent restaurants, the Aquarium, Sydney wildlife Park, shops, a large playground, the Maritime Museum and more.  You could easily spend a day or two exploring this area and enjoying the views.

5)      Manly Beach.  This was also new for me.  You can take a fast ferry – about 20 minutes – over to Manly Beach from Circular Quay.  It is $12.00 AUD each way.  When you arrive, you can walk along a pretty little street full of shops and restaurants over to Manly Beach.  It is beautiful – stunning.  Just what you think of when you picture Australian beaches.  Sugary white sand and water that’s every shade of blue and green.  You can learn to surf there, go scuba diving, find great shopping and restaurants, or just enjoy the beach.  We walked along Manly beach to a second little side beach called Shelley Beach and had lunch at a restaurant called Le Kiosk.  It is tucked out of the way with incredible views of the beach.  The food was excellent, but just make sure you aren’t in a hurry as the dining process there is meant for you to take time to enjoy the food and views and not rush through.  It was a very busy little spot – I think reservations would be a must.

Manly Beach

Manly Beach

Sydney remains one of my favorite cities.  The people are welcoming, there is lots to do and it had a clean, safe feeling.  It is also a very expensive city – quite a bit more than being at home and even quite a bit more than being in Hawaii.  If you go, you will need to budget accordingly.  It was hard to have a meal for 2 adults and a child that was under $100.00.

We are now back in Hawaii – our last night in Honolulu at the Outrigger Reef on the Beach, before we fly home tomorrow evening.  I have the patio doors open and I can hear the Hawaiian band playing in our outdoor hotel lounge.  I will be sad to leave and return to the -40 temperatures of Saskatchewan, but I guess no one can be on vacation forever….

Czarina’s Hawaiian Holiday – Part 2


Wailea has the upscale and posh shops that this gal likes.  Not to mention the gorgeous golden beaches and amazing Hawaiian sunsets to boot.  When we first drove up to our new resort, Grand Champions Villas, it was obvious that we were in a more expensive part of Maui.  Our resort is surrounded by beautiful golf courses and mansions.  We are walking distance to the Shops of Wailea which spells big trouble for me and my credit card.  Thankfully, my husband is distracted by all the golf courses and hasn’t noticed me putting us into potential financial ruin.

For fun, we went on a snorkelling trip to the Napili area.  Renting snorkelling gear was easy and cheap enough from Snorkel Bob’s just down the road from our hotel.  After driving North to Napili, we entered the warm ocean to swim with massive turtles!  It was so cool having 8 huge turtles swim freely around us.  We have some amazing underwater shots of them.

Last night, we had an awesome time at the Old Lahaina Luau back in Lahaina town.  Although there are plenty of people there making the lineups long to enter, it was a very enjoyable experience.  There is not a bad seat in the place and there are different exhibits to enjoy before the show and meal begin like a hula station to show you how to dance and a music station demonstrating their local instruments.  The meal and the traditional Hula dancing was a nice way to put an end to our Maui vacation.

Tomorrow, we regretfully return to the -30 weather in Saskatoon but we are happy to be coming home with a tan…

Mahalo for reading my blog!