Our Favourite Romantic Places Around The World

When it comes to a romantic getaway all you really need is somewhere special and the one you love.  Of course, being in an extra special place certainly helps make the magic happen though!  We asked our team what their favourite romantic destinations were.  Here’s what they had to say.


greece 3

The two most romantic places in Greece in my opinion is Santorini and Mykonos. There is something magical about sitting down for supper and waiting for the most famous sunset around. In Mykonos there are so many places to explore. It is so easy to find a quite and quaint place to enjoy a romantic meal.

Karen Katelnikoff

Kapama Game Reserve South Africa

Kapama River Lodge 1

  1. ALL the animals – what is more romantic than seeing Lions, Leopards and Giraffes by moonlight?
  2. A full spa with rooms facing a dry river bed where animals roam
  3. Beautiful “rustic” lodge rooms
  4. A full wine cellar
  5. Wonderful, locally prepared food and entertainment by firelight each night
  6. As places to propose go, this takes the cake (I should know 😊)

Jamie Milton

El dorado Casitas in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico


If you’re looking for the perfect place to feel pampered and relaxed this is it!   I love staying at this gourmet inclusive resort where everything we could wish for is already thought of.  The tropical gardens are the perfect place to read a book or enjoy a cocktail.

Joanne Pidwerbetsky


The top of the Reichstag Building Dome in Berlin at Sunset.

Reichtstag Building 1


  1. Capacity controlled, so never very crowded
  2. A beautiful 360 degree glass dome overlooking Berlin
  3. At sunset all the landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate are highlighted by the setting sun

Jamie Milton

Reichtstag Building 2


Cinque Terra

It’s easy to understand why Italy is one of the most romantic places in the world.  Visiting this destination with my better half is something I’ll cherish forever.  It was our honeymoon spot and we fell in love with the beautiful hillsides of Tuscany, the gorgeous seaside towns and the Italian way of life to slow down and take it all in.  Toast your partner with some limoncello or vino and indulge in the beauty and romance of this eternal destination.  My heart is with the wonderful Italian people who are struggling through difficult times.  I know one day we will return.

Czarina Sastaunik

The Sydney Zoo at Sunset.

Sydney Zoo at Sunset 1


  1. There is a lookout where you can watch the sun set over Sydney Harbour
  2. Beautiful views of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House
  3. Take a romantic boat right from the Zoo back across the Harbour to your hotel after

Jamie Milton

Sydney Zoo at Sunset 2

Disney Parks

Disney 3

We’ve all heard of the “Magic of Disney”.  I’m sure many people think it’s not real but I’m here to argue that it is real and it what romance is made of!   My partner and I have visited both Disneyland and Walt Disney World together as childless millennials (how dare we) and both trips had an element of romance that surprised me.  There’s something about the atmosphere that encourages hand holding.  Maybe at first it’s so that you don’t lose each other but eventually it is because the magic that they pump into the air makes you appreciate each other more.   Sharing the experience of rides, meeting favourite characters, marvelling at how things were created, fireworks shows and delicious dining is like the ultimate date every day.  Plus having access to photo pass photographers means you can get so many cute photos of the whole ordeal!  For me, a Disney trip is all about the romance and I just cannot wait for us to get back there to let the magic take over again.

Heather Peters

We hope you enjoyed our list of romantic places.   As you can see, romance can be found anywhere around the world – it’s about finding those special moments with the person you love wherever you are.

Where have you found romance around the world?

New and New to Me at Disneyland – Jamie’s Final Disney Blog

When we started planning our trip to Disneyland, I thought I knew all there was to know about Disneyland.  This would be my fourth trip to the Park and our most recent trip was only a year and a half ago.  In the end, I surprised myself with the number of new rides, dining options and experiences that we participated in during our stay.  Here is a quick recap of my thoughts on each:


  1. Matterhorn.  This is one of the original Disney rides and a timeless favorite for many.  It has been closed for refurbishment on all of my previous visits.  This roller coaster takes you high in the Matterhorn mountain with lots of twists and turns as you evade a Yeti.  It was fun and thrilling and my kids loved it….me not quite as much, mainly because it’s a bit “rough” and jarring – not always easy on the back and older bones 🙂
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!  The Hollywood Tower of Terror was one of my favorite Disney rides.  The last time I was at Disney our youngest ones were too little to go on this ride so I stayed off while my husband and older daughter went on this one.  This time, we all went and I still LOVE this ride.  The premise is the same with all the drops (and the tricky part is you never know how many drops there will be!), but the ride is re-imagined with a Guardians of the Galaxy theme and is really well done.  It is terrifying in the best possible way and even the little guys couldn’t wait to go on it again and again.

  3. Indiana Jones.  We tried to go on this ride last time, but the lineups were always long and we never seemed to get around to getting a fastpass for it.  This time, I made a point of getting a fastpass so we could check it out.  It’s a really well done ride – especially if you have watched and enjoyed the Indian Jones movies.  It plays a lot on parts of the movies and takes you through a temple on a wild jeep ride.  It’s a bit rough, so again if you have back problems, it’s not the one for you.  Otherwise, go and enjoy!
  4. Grizzly River Rapids.  This ride is at California Adventure and takes you on a big tube (fitting 8 guests) down a river with rapids and waterfalls.  You will get wet (possibly soaked) but it’s a lot of fun on a hot day and a great way to cool off and have fun.  I really enjoyed the ride and we had a lot of laughs.
  5. Rise of the Resistance.  I talk more about this ride in my Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge  blog, but this ride was AMAZING and well worth all the hype.  Be sure to join a boarding zone right as soon as the park opens or you will be out of luck for getting on this ride.  The wait time from when your boarding zone is called is roughly 30 minutes.  This method of crowd control seems to be working well and gets people through the ride in a very efficient manner without having to wait for hours in line..
    Star Wars 3



  1. Mobile Food Orders: Last time we went with just my family of 5, we found it worked well to have one dining reservation each day and have a bit of a “plan”.  This time, we had 11 people and I ended up cancelling most of my dining reservations.  It was just a bit hard to get everyone in the same place at a specified time when everyone had different things they wanted to be doing.  Reservations can typically be cancelled without penalty up to 1 day beforehand.  Instead of the dining reservations and sit down meals, in this scenario we found it easier to use the “mobile order” part of the Disneyland app.  I had not used it before, but it worked amazingly well.  You could pop onto the app, order your lunch and when you were ready to pick it up, you hit one more button on the app and 5 minutes later your order was ready.  No waiting in line.  I love it!  We did this every day at least once.  My favorites:  Burgers from the Hungry Bear in Critter Country, Chicken Fingers from the Golden Horseshoe in Frontierland and Chili Cheese Dogs from Award Wieners in Hollywood land (considerably better than the other hot dog places in California Adventure and very reasonably priced).
  2. Food & Wine Festival:  I have a separate blog on this event, but to recap, it is festival of food and drink vendors that are not normally at California Adventure who are showcasing a few of their specialties.  It is a very fun atmosphere, the Sip and Savour pass is reasonably priced and I would love to experience it again.  It was good with the kids along, it would be even better as an adult date night.
  3. Breakfast with Minnie and Friends at the Plaza Inn:  This is a full buffet breakfast/brunch with Minnie and several of her friends.  The characters change a bit, but Minnie is a given.  It’s a bit expensive – $39 for Adults, $19 for kids, but it saves you a ton of time waiting in line to meet the characters.  The characters all come around to your tables and will sign autograph books and take pictures.  The food was also very good.  It was buffet style, with cooking stations.  Mickey waffles and French toast, an omelette stations, an egg and breakfast meat stations, all kinds of drinks and side dishes.  It was all you can eat and a few of us made the most of that!  We opted for the latest time – 10:40am and had that pass as our lunch that day.5


We had such an amazing time at Disneyland this year.  If you have questions about planning your own Disney vacation please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.  There are some amazing promotions currently available and they would love to help make the magic happen!


Jamie’s Experience at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge


There were so many things I was excited to do and try on this trip to Disneyland, but of them all, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge topped the list.  When we were in Disneyland a year and a half ago, they were building it and we have been anticipating this new land ever since.  Boy, did it live up to our expectations!

When you walk into Galaxy’s Edge, it is truly like stepping into another world.  Disney has out-Disney’d itself.  All the sights, sounds, smells – even the Coca Cola bottles, make you think you are in a Star Wars movie.  Perhaps the best part is the Disney cast members and how they interact with the guests.  They stay very true to character and the Storm Troopers are often around and will stop and question guests. I am the first to admit I am not a big follower of Star Wars, beyond having seen the first few movies, but I was suitably impressed and my husband and kids even more so.


Of course, the big news in Galaxy’s Edge is the newly opened “Rise of the Resistance” ride.  It opened a few weeks ago and the lineups were expected to be so big for this ride that Disney implemented a “boarding zone” policy.  I wasn’t quite sure how this would work, but we were determined to check out this ride.  We heard from fellow guests that you had to be inside the Disney park and ready to press “join boarding zone” on the Disneyland App, the minute the park opened if you had any hope of getting on a boarding zone.  Disney starts letting guests in the gates half hour before the official park opening time.  We arrived early and were through the gates 15 minutes prior to park opening and right at 9:00am, we pressed the “join boarding zone” button and were rewarded with being in boarding zone 35 – a sure bet to get on the ride that day.  The most amazing part was hearing the roar that echoed throughout the entire park at 9am.  It was all of the Star Wars fans celebrating their luck or bemoaning their lack thereof.

Star Wars 10

It was clear from all the Star Wars t-shirts and gear that a large part of the Disney crowd last week were there for Star Wars.  Despite that, the park itself was not overly busy and it was easy to navigate through Galaxy’s Edge, interact with the characters and enjoy the sites at any given time.  The only things that seemed to have line ups were “Oga’s Cantina” (dining reservations recommended) and the “Rise of the Resistance” ride.

Star Wars 13

Our boarding zone 35 was called around 1030am.  Once our boarding zone was called, it was about a half hour wait in line to get on the ride.  The ride itself was amazing.  The part that makes it different from other Disney rides is the level of interaction with the Disney cast members.  You are escorted onto a space ship and told you are being recruited for the Resistance.  Then your space craft is captured and boarded by the First Order and you are escorted off to a room full of storm troopers and generals who march you down to a different area, yelling commands at a few chosen guests along the way.  From there you board the “ride” part and a vessel takes you through different areas as you evade the First Order and eventually area broken out by the Resistance.  It’s incredibly well done and very “real” feeling.

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Shortly after our ride, my 5 year old son was approached by two storm troopers and Kylo Ren.  He was quite clearly convinced that they were trying to get him to tell the resistance secrets and join the first order.  I’m quite sure he thought the entire thing was real (the ride and the interaction after).  It was a highlight of our time at Disney.  We look forward to spending more time in Galaxy’s Edge next time.

Interested in planning your own dream vacation to Disneyland?  Reach out to our team at 306-242-TRIP and our experienced agents would be happy to help get you on your way!


Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival 2020

I was very excited to see that the Disneyland Food & Wine Festival was going to be on during our trip to Disneyland this past week.  If there is anything I love as much as IMG_6571Disneyland, it’s food and wine!  I have been to Disneyland and Walt Disney World several times, but this was something that had never coincided with my previous trips.

The Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival takes place at Disney California Adventure Park and it runs from February 28 – April 21, 2020.  Despite the festival, crowds were pretty low last week when we were there.  The evenings were a bit busier, but there was never a long lineup for food and no one was getting out of hand.  It was a family friendly atmosphere and event.  Most vendors had 2-3 food items as well as a couple of drink offerings.  There were 17 food card vendors that are not normally part of the California Adventure food lineup.  You can purchase a “Sip and Savor Pass” for $56 USD.  This gives you 8 tabs that can be traded in for a food or non-alcoholic drink item at any of the vendors.  Most food items were around $8 USD, so this was a pretty good deal.  Our family of 5 purchased this one evening and used it to get our food for dinner that night – lots of fun trying different items.  We purchased our drinks separately, but all in all, it was then a similar price to getting dinner at one of the other Disney restaurants, but it was a new experience with lots of variety.

We tried Ranch Fried Chicken Wings at “Cluck a Doodle Moo” (my kids favorite!), Black Garlic Soy-braised Pork Belly Banh Mi and Carbonara Garlic Mac and Cheese with Bacon at “Garlic Kissed” (the Banh Mi was Mark’s favorite!), Mini Chicken Chimis with Chimichurri at “Off the Cob”, Pepperoni Pizza Egg Rolls at “California Craft Brews” and Asian style Beef Barbacoa Street Tacos at “LA Style” (my favorite!).  We also sampled a Pineapple Beer at Cluck a Doodle Moo and the “fun” flight of beer at California Craft Brews, which were interesting and fun to try.  The full sized beer were around $10 each and a flight of 4 beer samples (decent sizes) were around $15.


All in all, this event added an extra touch of fun, food and something different to our trip to Disneyland and we really enjoyed our afternoon/evening of tasting!

Ed’s Cruise from London to New York on the Silversea Whisper – Part 8

New York, New York – Oct 10

While we were disappointed that we had to leave Boston earlier than planned, what this meant in the end was that we arrived in New York around noon instead of during the night.  Yay…some extra time to discover New York.

Coming into New York, the weather co-operated with sunshine  as we all awaited that iconic welcoming symbol of freedom – the Statue of Liberty!   “The Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World” was a gift of friendship from the people of France to the United States and is recognized as a universal symbol of freedom and democracy. The Statue of Liberty was dedicated on October 28, 1886.  It was designated as a National Monument in 1924.  Employees of the National Park Service have been caring for the colossal copper statue since 1933.

The New York skyline is so impressive as we sail into the Hudson to dock at Pier 88 right in the middle of Midtown, New York.  For all my golfing friends, the area surrounded by green netting is a golf driving range!

The tall tower in this picture is the Freedom Tower or One World Trade Center is the main building of the rebuilt World Trade Center complex in Lower Manhattan, New York City by the 9/11 memorial. One WTC is the tallest building in the United States, the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, and the seventh-tallest in the world.

When we docked, we were right beside the Intrepid Carrier museum.  Launched in 1943, the former aircraft carrier USS Intrepid fought in World War II, surviving five kamikaze attacks and one torpedo strike. The ship later served in the Cold War and the Vietnam War. Intrepid also served as a NASA recovery vessel in the 1960s. It was decommissioned in 1974, and today is berthed on the Hudson River as the centerpiece of the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.


Beside the Intrepid is the record-breaking plane—the Concorde Alpha Delta G-BOAD. The fastest Atlantic Ocean crossing by any Concorde occurred on February 7, 1996 and took only 2 hours, 52 minutes and 59 seconds. It looks absolutely tiny next to the carrier.


Also, beside the Intrepid is the Submarine Growler.  Growler is the only American guided missile submarine open to the public. Growler offers visitors a firsthand look at life aboard a submarine and a close-up inspection of the once “top-secret” missile command center.


Unfortunately, we don’t have much time in New York, so instead we opted to visit the 9/11 Memorial Museum.   The last time we were in New York, we visited the twin towers, still standing in their glory.  It was a somber experience to go to the site now.

The National September 11 Memorial is a tribute of remembrance and honor to the 2,977 people killed in the terror attacks of September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center site, near Shanksville, Pa., and at the Pentagon, as well as the six people killed in the World Trade Center bombing in February 1993.

The Memorial’s twin reflecting pools are each nearly an acre in size and feature the largest man-made waterfalls in North America. The pools sit within the footprints where the Twin Towers once stood.

The names of every person who died in the 2001 and 1993 attacks are inscribed into bronze panels edging the Memorial pools, a powerful reminder of the largest loss of life resulting from a foreign attack on American soil and the greatest single loss of rescue personnel in American history.

This was an afternoon of filled with grief, tears, anger and emotional exhaustion.  Having said all that, the museum is extremely well done and not only shows the horrific event but honours all those that perished.  It is well worth everyone going to visit it if you have the opportunity.

That’s it for our Silversea experience and blog.  It was a truly wonderful experience and can highly recommend Silversea Cruises.  Given that their pricing includes large staterooms, butler service, fine dining, excellent wine and spirits and gratuities all included, it really is good value.

Thanks for following along.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Uniglobe Basebar

Ed’s Cruise from London to New York on the Silversea Whisper – Part 7

Boston – Oct 8/9

Boston is admired for its beautiful harbor, museums, food, Revolutionary history, and sports traditions, including the beloved Red Sox baseball team. Boston is also the cradle of the American Revolution, and sites from early American history are visible all around; a great way to see them and the city itself is by walking the 3-mile Freedom Trail, which winds among tight, Colonial-era street. Not far from the city are Lexington and Concord, where the American Revolution was born with the “shot heard ’round the world.”

We arrived late afternoon on October 8, and since this is our first time in “Beantown”, we were anxious to get off the trip and start exploring.  The ship provided a complimentary shuttle that dropped us off at the Aquarium but only a couple of blocks from where we wanted to go…Faneuil Hall Marketplace.  Four buildings – Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, North Market and South Market – constitute Faneuil Hall Marketplace, with the oldest being Faneuil Hall. Built in 1742 and now located on the Freedom Trail, Faneuil Hall has had a long and important history in Massachusetts politics. Samuel Adams once stood here to push for resistance against the British, and abolitionists and suffragists have stood on their soapboxes here. In fact, this is where Jonathan Mayhew famously challenged the Sugar Act of 1764 by proclaiming, “no taxation without representation.” Since Mayhew’s declaration, the marketplace has expanded to include more than 100 shops and restaurants.

We spent our evening strolling through the market’s halls where we found various cuisines served in Quincy Market and a variety of souvenir shops surrounding the halls.

That night, upon returning to the ship, we were advised that we would be cutting our visit to Boston short given that the weather necessitated us leaving at 1PM instead of 5PM.  A number of people were disappointed as the tours they signed up for were cancelled.  However, we had opted for a Freedom Trail Walking Tour that finished by 12:30, so we were not affected.

Stretching 2½ miles, the Freedom Trail weaves past 16 of the city’s most historic sites, including Faneuil Hall Marketplace, the Paul Revere House and Old North Church. Taking in only some of the trail’s attractions requires our half a day (and some comfortable walking shoes) but with the guide’s commentary, we learned a lot of American history on the tour.

The following map might give you some idea of what we saw.


We started at Boston Common and the State House.  The grounds of Boston Common started as a cow pasture in the mid-1600s. After a few years, overgrazing became a problem and the area was transformed into a British camp. After the Revolutionary War, the park became a popular locale for public speeches and rallies. Now, the Common is best known because of its status as the oldest public park in the country. You’ll also find a variety of activities and events, including theater and musical performances, hosted here throughout the year.  Right across the street was the State House.

Next stop was the Old Granary Burying Ground.  Established in 1660, this is the resting place for some of America’s revolutionary heroes including John Hancock, Samuel Adams and of course, the most famous, Paul Revere!

While there were several other historical stops along the way, some of the most interesting were the site of the “Boston Massacre”.  The Boston Massacre was a deadly riot that occurred on March 5, 1770, on King Street in Boston. It began as a street brawl between American colonists and a lone British soldier, but quickly escalated to a chaotic, bloody slaughter. The conflict energized anti-British sentiment and paved the way for the American Revolution.

When you think of Boston history, for me, two incidents come to mind…the Boston Tea Party and Paul Revere’s ride.  While we only saw the location of the Boston Tea Party from the bus, we did get to sea a couple of Paul Revere sites, including his house which still stands.  The house dating back to the late 1700’s gives you a glimpse of how houses looked in his time.

In the background of the Paul Revere statue, you can see the Old North Church.  Most people who know anything about American history have heard of Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride, when he rode through town to warn people about the arrival of British troops. Before heading off to Lexington, Revere gave orders at Old North Church. Robert Newman – the church’s sexton – and Captain John Pulling Jr. – the church’s vestryman – then climbed the steeple and held two lanterns as a signal (from Revere) that the British Regulars were indeed coming, but by sea.

The church itself, which is officially named Christ Church, is filled with beautiful relics from the past, including North America’s oldest set of change ringing bells and chandeliers brought in from England in the early 1700s. The pews have a long history as well; Pew No. 54 was reserved for the Revere family.

Along our way, there were some very old and famous pubs.  Check out the dates on some of these pictures…

Final stop before heading back to the ship…Mike’s Pastry.  Founded in 1946, Mike’s Pastry is located in Boston’s historic North End on Hanover Street. Michael Mercogliano (the “Mike” behind the famed Mike’s Pastry) created the one-of-a-kind cannoli that keeps loyal Bostonians and tourists coming from around the world to enjoy. Going to Mike’s has become a Boston tradition and we are told that even JFK would send for some of the famous cannoli when in town.  We sure enjoyed ours!


Next stop is New York.  Since we had to leave Boston early, this means that we will arrive in New York early which will give us time to see some of the sights there too!  That’s a bonus.  Thanks for reading along, next and last blog will be about our short stay in New York.

Colleen’s Holland America Holiday To Alaska – Part 6


We are on the last leg of our trip back through the Inside Passage.  It is a beautiful day meant to sit on the verandah and watch the scenery.  We have seen so much wildlife throughout the cruise and have been able to visit Juneau, Skagway and Ketchikan.  My favorite of course was Ketchikan.  It had the beautiful walking trail, totem poles and I think the best shopping and probably the only place that we seen Haida art.

The cruise has been great and we have loved the staff on the Westerdam.  I think it is one of the things that set Holland America apart from other cruises.  If you ever get the opportunity to cruise on the Westerdam, look out for Randy in the billboard lounge and I hope that you are lucky enough to have Zam and Moe as your room stewards.   As always there is the endless food and much time spent in the gym trying to work it off.  We really enjoyed the dueling pianos in the billboard lounge with 3 shows every night and BB Kings.  We will dock tomorrow in Vancouver and we are already thinking about coming back to Alaska.  Thank You Holland America for an awesome holiday. 


Colleen’s Holland America Holiday To Alaska – Part 5


We were already docked in Ketchikan when we woke up this morning and like every other port; we had the best place on the pier, right across from the main street.  The weather is great as we walk across to the Tourist Information and picked up a map with a really great walking tour and away we go.  Ketchikan is by far my favorite port.  Everywhere you look there are totem poles.  We make our way to Creek Street with its old buildings on stilts that look over the water.  This area used to be the red light district back in 1902.   All the buildings are now converted into small stores with all the usual tourist items but what draws us to the area is all the seals that are swimming in the water. They are there because of the salmon.  There are so many salmon swimming around that they don’t have to work for their lunch; it’s more like a buffet.  We leave here and walked up to the Totem Heritage Center which is the highlight for me.  This houses a collection of 19th century totem poles retrieved in 1970 from the Tlingit and Haida villages that were abandoned when the inhabitants moved into Ketchikan and other towns.  There is a small charge to get in but worth it.  We spend quite a bit of time here and decide to walk back to town.

There was a free shuttle if you did not want to walk.  I am so glad that we walked as we were able to see all the salmon as they were coming up the falls.  There is so many of them it looks like pit of snakes.  As we continue to walk down into town, we are following the water fall.  There is a great path that takes us back into Creek Street.  It has been a great day and we walk to the Sourdough Bar for an Alaskan beer before we head back to the ship.


Colleen’s Holland America Holiday To Alaska – Part 4


Today was the best day so far! We went to the Dawes glacier on Endicott arm. When we woke up at 8:00am we could already see bergy bits which were the first signs of the glacier.

We were travelling down a fjord with high mountain walls on each side. There were so many waterfalls that I stopped taking photos. It took a couple of hours but we got within 1 mile of the iceberg before we had to stop.  The iceberg is such a pretty colour of blue and so many larger pieces are just floating out in front. Here is another reason we are happy to have a balcony as we alternate between being outside on the veranda and then back inside to warm up.

It is really something to see. We are told that this is much nicer than Glacier Bay and we are the only ship out there. We sat for about an hour and a half to watch the iceberg. The ship swings around in 360 so all the balconies can see the glacier.  HAL serves up hot pea soup to those of use outside along with coffee and Baileys. We grabbed a bowl and then returned to our balcony to take in the sites. It’s great to have a warm blanket.   At the end of the day we left the fjord and headed down to Ketchikan; our next stop.

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Colleen’s Holland America Holiday To Alaska – Part 3

We have been on sailing for a couple of days now and are really enjoying our trip.  So far we have been to both Juneau and Skagway.

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At both places Holland America has had the closest berth to town. Basically, we got off of the ship and in less than 5 mins we are in the towns. Both are like small mining towns with a lot of shopping and restaurants. The beauty of being the last cruise of the season is that everything is on SALE!  Some of the jewelry is at 50 – 70 % off and clothing the same.  In talking to people on the ship the best tour in Juneau was the whale watching and in Skagway it was the train. When in Juneau check out the Alaskan Bar and the Alaskan brewing company. They have a tour to the brewery that we took and it was great. In Skagway we spent the day shopping.

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Next up we’re off to see some glaciers!

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