TRAVEL TIP – How to Take the Perfect Jumping Photo

Cordell Costa Rica 1

We’re big fans of having fun while we explore the world and a part of that is sharing our experiences in creative and exciting ways.

Have you ever glanced at someone’s travel photos and thought “how did they manage to jump so high and catch it on camera?”   Well you’re in luck!  We have the secret to mastering the perfect jumping photo and we are here to share it with you.

  1. Make sure you jump off of something that has the horizon in the background. 
  2. Take a video!  NOT a photo.  When you take a video you can flip through the frames and find the best one and take a screen shot. 
  3. Make sure your videographer is low to the ground.  It creates the illusion that you are really high in the air.

Another good pointer is to bend those knees!  This will create the illusion of being higher in the air than you are.

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