December 02, 2018 – Easo, Lifou, New Caledonia

Easo is the capital of Lifou, the largest and most populated of the Loyalty Islands. Home to around 10,000 Kanak people, it’s a simple, relatively undeveloped and largely unspoiled place, famed for two things: a sandy palm-fringed beach that fans out on either side of the main dock, and a very friendly atmosphere.

The island itself offers a diverse landscape that ranges from the steep cliffs of the northern coast to the pristine white-sand beaches and stunning turquoise waters along the southern coast.

Coming off the cruise ship and up the hill we have two choices…a grotto to the right and the snorkeling beach to the left.  Walking with friends Jillian and Ed (yes, two Eds are better than one), we head first to the cave/grotto.  First stop on the way was to buy a couple of fresh coconuts from a couple of enterprising young kids…$2 each and mom had to wield the machete to open it up for us to enjoy the coconut water.  In the picture below, they are holding a “coconut crab” which we are told tastes very much like lobster!

Along the way we pass several traditional “huts” and a church where Sunday service is in progress.  The people are dressed up for the day.

The cost for entering the cave is $10 each and one of the locals shows us the way down.  It is quite steep and although some steps have been carved into the rock, it is still quite a hike.

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We are rewarded with entry into the cave where a perfectly clear pool of deep water appears.  First to make the leap into the water is the other Ed.  It was a shock to the system just how cold the water is, but given how hot outside it is, apparently quite refreshing.  Next in is Karen who is hesitant at first but takes the plunge, literally.

Click here to see Karen’s plunge!

Heading back up the road, now to see the snorkeling area.  Not that we plan on snorkeling but more interested in seeing the area.  Beautiful coral reef and our walk in the heat is rewarded with a local beverage.

This ends our visit to Easo.  It’s a tender port so we get some great shots of the ship heading back.