El Dorado Royale – Amanda’s Riviera Maya Adventure Part 3

Well friends, I’m sad to say goodbye to this lively place. I have done some fun activities and ate at some new restaurants at the resort, along with meeting some great new employees.

I took some fun Salsa and Meringue lessons led by the entertainment team. It’s always good to learn some new steps and meet new people. Spanish music always makes people feel like dancing. I also had a try at archery. I did pretty well for my first time.

We used some bicycles from our resort and took our own tour along the beach. We went all the way from the end of our resort, went by the Casitas resort and ended at the Generations resort. These are all very pretty Karisma resorts. It was good to see what they were like.

We ate at a restaurant called La Pizzeria and had some fresh oven baked pizza, with some nachos and guacamole. I love the health bar onsite for yummy smoothies and tasty treats. Our last meal was at the Kampau restaurant at the Casita resort. It was highly recommended by people we spoke to. There was really great Oriental food with lots of selection. There are even options for those who don’t prefer sushi or seafood.

The evening shows are all really great. Since my previous post we have seen amazing fire dancers, more acrobats, and ended the last night with Golden stars. There were singers and dancers performing songs by ABBA, Rihanna, Madonna, just to name a few. They were all amazing to watch. 20171217_222309

I must say the resort was relaxing and quiet, but also had some fun activities and entertainment if you choose to participate. There are many options depending on your vacation preferences. The customer service there is phenomenal and they always say “it’s a pleasure”.

Thanks for tuning in and feel free to contact me about a vacation at a Karisma property or anywhere else you may want to go.   You can reach me at 306-934-3400 or amanda@uniglobevacation.comGracias.


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El Dorado Royale – Amanda’s Riviera Maya Adventure Part 2

Hola again, from Riviera Maya Mexico!

It is so beautiful and serene here, I’m sad my trip is half over already. Since my previous blog, I have seen much more of the resort, enjoyed more delicious meals and seen some amazing evening shows.

So far my favorite meal was at Fuentes restaurant where we had a 5 course meal while watching the chef explain and show how it was made. If you were not sitting close enough to see, they had big screen TVs showing what was going on.

My favorite show so far is a circus one where there were professional acrobats, skippers, jugglers, just to name a few of the acts in the show.


Last night for something different we went to 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen for the evening. It is full of little shops with local vendors, great bars and restaurants, and some smaller hotels. The street was beautifully decorated for Christmas. You could literally spend hours on this street and have a total Mexican cultural experience. There are designer stores at one end for those who like higher end shopping too.

Today it rained for most of the day. I was pleasantly surprised with the options of things to do even though it was raining. There is ping-pong, movies on a big screen, books to read, board games to play, painting ceramic pieces and more.

All around still a wonderful experience and looking forward to more fun. I’ll tell you about it soon. Come back to read more about the remainder of my adventures.

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El Dorado Royale – Amanda’s Mayan Riviera Part 1


Hola from the beautiful El Dorado Royale in Cancun area in Mexico. It is a 5 star luxury adults only resort.  Guests of this hotel can also use the restaurants and bars at the Casita section and the family resort called Generations.

When we first arrived I was awed by the beautiful lobby and fantastic service from everyone.  We got some wonderful drinks as they were arranging for our room at our personal check in desk. The rooms are very large and wonderfully decorated with a contemporary design and colors. There is a huge bathroom with a large Jacuzzi tub.


The food has been very delicious so far and all of the staff are friendly and accommodating to all guest needs. The beach sand is white and very soft. The water is the turquoise as is expected when in the Caribbean. They have an artificial reef all along the coastline in front of this resort which is awesome for snorkelling. They also have wave breakers so the water is very calm. Everything has been fantastic and I look forward to sharing more about my adventures soon. Stay tuned!


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Colleen’s RIU Palace Mexico – Part 1

IMG_1289 (2)

RIU Palace Mexico Beach

We have arrived in Cancun and we are staying at the RIU Palace Mexico in Playacar. This is a really great hotel and I love our room.

It is on a stunning white sand beach with enough palm trees for everyone. The best part is that there is free WiFi throughout the resort so you can bring your music with you everywhere.  No more sitting in the lobby to access the Internet! Because we are staying at the RIU Palace we are able to go to any of the other 6 RIU in Playacar so we have been visiting quite a few for drinks and to eat. You couldn’t ask for any more.

Czarina’s Mayan Riviera!

The Mayan Riviera never ceases to amaze me!  Although this is my seventh time to the area, it always feels like the first. The Paradisus La Perla is a stunning, modern resort within a 30 minute walk from Playa del Carmen.  It’s the adults only side to its sister the Paradisus La Esmeralda – the family section – which shares certain facilities.  My first impression of the resort was another Miami inspired, posh, Art Deco hotel with hardly any Mexican feel at all.  Then I realized its the accommodating staff that embodies the Mexican culture and gives it that charm.  This is certainly a five star resort.  No watered down drinks here!  Nothing but the best for Paradisus guests who can rely on the staff for anything and everything.  There are three key signs that this a luxury resort:

1) Cold towel and refreshments waiting for you as you arrive at the resort.
2) Turn down service every night before bed.
3) Waiter service by the swim-up bar and the beach.

I love all three of these things!  How did I live without it?

We are in a beautiful One Bedroom Master Suite with a gorgeous jacuzzi tub on our large balcony, two 42′ plasma TVs, large living room and kitchen area provided.  This room is the nicest room I’ve ever had!  There are so many room categories to choose from including a multitude of swim up rooms.




The food has been phenomenal with plenty of a la cartes to choose from.  One major upset is the pool is freezing cold and it’s not appealing to jump in even if it’s unbearably hot.  Our first couple days were quiet around the adults only swim-up bar with nothing but some “adult contemporary” to ease the silence. Sadly, that ended when a group of 400 Americans showed up for a wedding taking place on Saturday.  They are loud and unruly.  It went from being the “Ritz” to some raunchy Las Vegas resort in a heartbeat!  I’ve never seen anyone cut off at an all inclusive but a portion of this group were given the red light by the wait staff at the swim up bar at 3pm on Tuesday.  It was like watching a scene from the Jersey Shore!  Good on the Paradisus for drawing the line and not putting up with the crude behaviour.  This incident in no way diminishes what a fabulous resort this is.  Well, off to Playa del Carmen!