Cordell Finds Paradise at Paradisus Cancun

When picking an all-inclusive resort, one of the most important factors to consider for myself is the beach. As a guy from the prairies, I need to experience the ocean, sand and sun. Visiting a beach is important to me and it brings so much happiness to my life. The Paradisus Cancun’s beach has exceeded my every expectation. Here are my top four reasons the Paradisus Cancun is a must do beach vacation:

  1. Sunrise/ sunset

From dawn until dusk, this is a beach that keeps you enthralled. If you are a morning person, this resort has stunning sunrises! You will be only one of a few people up at 7am but it is well worth it. I wasn’t ready to go down to the beach at this time, but I was in an ocean view room and could take it all in from my balcony. The sunsets from the beach are equally as beautiful as the sun sets over the pyramids of the Paradisus Cancun. If you are by the beach at night you can check out the stars. You do not get the city’s light pollution so you can see the constellations.

  1. Service

There is nothing worse than having to walk endlessly to the beach only to find that the nearest bar or food options are miles away from the beach. I would recommend springing for access to the Coco’S Beach Club. This exclusive area is centrally located, and the staff will truly take care of you. You can order food and drinks without having to leave your beach chair. The washrooms are also very close so you do not have to walk very far.


  1. The Physical Beauty

If you are looking for 78377049_2481774365397418_3078050722848178176_nwhite sand and turquoise waters than the Paradisus Cancun is for you. The powdery white sand doesn’t skald your feet as you walk along the seemingly endless beach to either side of the resort. The ocean itself is picturesque and breathtakingly beautiful. Be prepared for a photo shoot! The Caribbean side of Mexico has a bad reputation for sargassum, but at this resort there wasn’t even a trace of seaweed. As an added bonus, the resort has roped off beach areas. This means there were not very many venders pestering you on the beach, so you can really soak up the sun’s rays in peace and quiet.


  1. Activities

Laying in the sun and reading a book can be a full-time job but sometimes you need a little extracurricular activity. Yoga is offered in the morning which can be a great way to start your day. While beach volleyball and soccer run periodically throughout the day. The waves along the beach are perfect for bodyboarding. If you are more of a thrill seeker you can pay to go parasailing or take a jet ski out for a rip.


No matter what your beach preferences are there is something for everyone at the Paradisus Cancun.

Follow along as I check out a few other resorts in the area!

Heather’s Relaxing Stay At Paradisus Cancun!

image1 (1)

If you are seeking a vacation that is a delight for the senses then Paradisus Cancun is the place for you! From the moment you arrive the aromatherapy surrounds you creating a feeling of relaxation. The open lobby is a vine covered oasis with plenty of seating for families or groups as well as secluded spots for couples. This is a place you will want to spend your time in! Check-in is quickly handled in a welcoming plush, quiet, air conditioned room. Spacious rooms feature comfortable beds, plenty of storage, large cascading rain showers and minibars filled with soda, water, beer and snacks.

Gourmet dining is available at more than ten restaurants – there is something to suite every taste! In between meals you can enjoy a latte from the Nespresso coffee corner or grab a cold treat from the gelato shop. If you are looking for a little extra indulgence I would recommend renting a Bali Bed at Coco Beach Club where you will be treated like royalty with sparkling wine, a tray of fresh fruit, a menu full of delicious food and drink service.


The spa features countless treatments available in a relaxing atmosphere. Guests in Royal Service rooms have complimentary access to the hydrotherapy circuit which is a refreshing treat after a hot day on the beach. Speaking of the beach, this is the highly sought after white sand and turquoise water that makes you feel like you truly are in paradise.

image2 (1)

Treat yourself to a little luxury on your next vacation at the Paradisus Cancun!



Casie’s Living The Palace Life in Cancun – Part 3

Celebrating Day of the Dead in Cancun

45487667_551688051958954_7707979971347611648_nDay of the Dead is a Mexican celebration of life and death that takes place Nov 01 and 02. Palace Resort’s does an amazing job at showing their clients this special occasion.

In the lobby at the Grand at Moon Palace there is a display when you walk in including two Calacas, a colloquial Mexican Spanish name for Skeleton.

You will see colorful alters around the resort lobby areas. Alters are meant to bring the deceased spirits back. There are four elements; air represented by cut out paper, water represented by drinks, fire represented by candles and earth represented by seeds. They can either be two, three or seven steps tall. The seven steps are most sophisticated and the ones we saw more of.

While we were visiting the Beach Palace in Cancun we got to see so many beautiful alters! The hard work that is put into them blows my mind.

Grand at Moon Palace put on a special event for us. They had three alters and a table at the back where we could lay a picture of a deceased love one to celebrate their life. It was a little emotional but most of us saw the happiness in celebrating the life they lived.


If you ever get a chance to visit Mexico during Day of the Dead I highly recommend going!  Here are a few more of my photos form this really amazing event.

That’s it from me on the Grand at Moon Palace Cancun.  If you would like to know more about this amazing resort or would like to book your own vacation please feel free to reach out to me here in Saskatoon at 306-955-1449 or

Uniglobe Basebar

Casie’s Living The Palace Life in Cancun – Part 2

Grand at Moon Palace Cancun blew my mind away! If you have kids this is the resort for your family.


The water park was my favorite! There are three slides, a wave pool, lazy river and a water park for the young ones. In the same area is the kids center which includes bumper cars, arcade games, glow in the dark mini golf and so much more! The kids Center was perfect for a rainy day. I may have had a little too much fun but my inner child definitely came out!

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Travel tips:

In order to ride one of the water slides you must be 5’3

Bumper cars are for 5-17 year olds

Once again, Palace Resorts goes above and beyond for their clients. If you have a child celebrating their birthday while on vacation they will throw a birthday party for them. Before your arrival let them know what kind of theme or color and what kind of cake they would like. The staff will do their best to accommodate it. While I was there they were throwing one that was Paw Patrol themed. Super cool! Such a small gesture that goes a long way for the little ones.


When you stay at the Grand you also have access to Moon Palace Cancun, transfers between resorts are complimentary. Over at the Moon Palace they have a flow rider that’s fun for kids and adults! You have the option to surf or knee board.


Don’t worry adults they have not forgotten about you! You have the option to relax at the Adults Only Pool or treat yourself to the spa. There is also a golf resort on site! After all it is your vacation to enjoy as well!

Travel tip: don’t forget you can use your resort credits and only pay the tax on spa and golf.

Want to know more about this amazing resort?  Feel free to reach out to me here in Saskatoon at 306-955-1449 or!

Stay tuned for my final blog all about celebrating dia de los muertos in Mexico!

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Casie’s Living The Palace Life in Cancun – Part 1

Living the Palace Life


If you want to feel like a prince or princess the Grand at Moon Palace is the place to be!

From being greeted with a welcome drink and flower upon arrival to the service everyday throughout the resort you will not be disappointed!

Ladies, Palace resorts make your life so much easier when it comes to packing. They provide Chi products including shampoo, conditioner, blow drier, straightener and even bubble bath for the jetted tub! There is also an amenities box in the bathroom and if you forgot anything I’m sure they have you covered.

Speaking of the ladies, check out the beautiful ladies washroom at the main lobby.  I imagine this is what it feels like to be a princess!

Palace resorts didn’t forget about the little ones either! The Awe Spa offers special “Awe Princess” services for 4-12 year olds. Services include manicures, pedicures and hair creations like braids or up-does.

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The service at the restaurants is outstanding! They greet you with a friendly smile and make sure to ask if you have any allergies. If you do, they are accommodating and make it a hassle free experience. If you don’t feel like leaving your room, room service is only a button away! Available 24/7 for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Need to be somewhere early in the morning and not sure if you’ll have time for breakfast? Just order room service the night before and tell them what time you’d like it.


Life is so easy at the Palace!

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Jamie’s Mayan Riviera El Cid Marina – Part 1

Having been in the travel industry for over 15 years, I find it hard to believe I have never made it to one of our most popular destinations – Cancun and the Mayan Riviera.

We flew from Saskatoon to Cancun with Westjet via Calgary.  The flights were all good, just slightly delayed due to weather. Westjet now loses satellite tv just south of the US border, but they have a few free movies you could watch. I still miss the days where they fed you a real meal on an airplane!

Anyway, the real adventure began when we hit the Cancun airport. Holy Moly, what a bunch of lineups, hundreds and hundreds of angry and frustrated people of all nationalities, clamouring and pushing and sneaking ahead of you in line. Jeepers, I was happy to say goodbye to that airport an hour and a half after we arrived!

Thankfully the El Cid is only about 20 minutes from the airport and we were soon enjoying our first margarita! 🙂 This is definitely a family friendly hotel and a good, solid four star. I’m glad we picked it.


Amazing view of the pool from our room.

The one bedroom suite is enormous and we have had our pick of chairs on the beach and by the pool. There are lots of kids for Sydney to play with and I had an awesome massage on the beach, which at $56.00 for 30 minutes wasn’t a bad rate for a resort. The food so far has been good. We are soon off to try Alcazar, one of their fine dining restaurants.

Alcazar ended up being comparable to most fine dining restaurants at home. A very enjoyable meal with great service and presentation and a very child friendly kids menu.

Now we are off to enjoy another day of the pool and beach!


The lobby bar in El Cid

Correna’s Real Destination Wedding FAM – Cancun, Mexico

June 5, 2012

Yesterday we checked out of the Royal in Cancun and made our way to Playa del Carmen to do site inspections of the Grand Porto Real and to check into the Royal Playa del Carmen.  Our transfer was with Best Day tours and we found out that the gentleman who owns the Real resorts also owns Best Day Tours, (wow wealthy man)!  Our room transfer was about an hour, it wasn’t too bad at all.

When we arrived the first thing we did was tour the Grand Porto Real, now I feel like I am really visiting Mexico!  The resort has kept with the Mexican architecture and decor; I would stay here in a heartbeat.  The beach around the Porto is gorgeous and the property is a block from 5th Avenue for the shoppers and the walkers.  Right across the street – I mean right across the street – is the Royal!  This is great if you are thinking of a destination wedding or family group.  If part of your party has children they would be able to stay at the Porto and the adults can stay at the Royal.

The Royal Playa del Carmen is a much livelier and larger resort than in Cancun.   Not every room has the great ocean view and you have more walking in Playa.  After only one night my preference is to be in Cancun, smaller quieter and not as noisy.  The Playa properties have music and games around the pool where Cancun is more relaxing.  The rooms in Playa are just about identical; the only difference is that I did find is the bathrooms are a bit smaller.  Most of our group has main floor suites and we have all found it noisier than our stay in Cancun.

Last night we had a mock wedding, reception, and dinner – such a nice treat!  After dinner a group of us decided to take a walk down 5th Avenue.  If you haven’t been to Playa before, this is your shopping and nightlife street.  There wasn’t anything that I haven’t seen before so I came back to the resort empty handed.

The “Bride and Groom”

This morning we had wedding and resort training, as well as seeing the Real Playa del Carmen.  This property is not sold in the American market as it is not on the beach and is ranked as a 3 star property.  I would stay here with no problems at all.  The walk to the beach is nothing and honestly, we all need exercise while we are on vacation!   This property reminds me of Puerto Vallarta; it has old Mexican decor and great gardens.

Our flight is around noon tomorrow with WestJet.  I do have a connection in Calgary but will be back at work on Thursday morning.




June 3, 2012

The transfer from the RIU Palace was fine, after a quick tour of the Gran Caribe Real we made our way to the Royal Cancun.

The Royal Cancun

We arrived at the Royal around one and did our check-in.  My room wasn’t going to be ready until three but they gave us bracelets and we went and had lunch at the beach restaurant called the Pelicanos, and the first thing they brought to the table was chips, salsa and guacamole yipeeeeee!  Lunch was good but sure didn’t find burgers and dogs.  I did see someone’s shrimp cocktail and the shrimp pretty much hung down past the plate, they were the biggest shrimp I have ever seen.

After lunch we hit the beach for awhile until it started clouding up.  At three I went to see if my room was ready, I was supposed to be in room 523 but I was put into room 521.  I opened my door to see a gorgeous room with a nice big king-sized bed.  This is one of the nicest resorts I have stayed in; I am nowhere near a 5 star resort girl (unlike some of my co-workers) 😉  so this all very new to me.  I did have a few interruptions in my room as having a honeymoon cake delivered to my room.  I guess the guy who changed my room number kind of screwed up and the honeymoon couple got my room – to bad for them they were in a double bedroom and I got their king!

The Royal Cancun – my room!

We had arrangements to meet the FAM group at seven pm in the lobby; this was the first time meeting everyone.  There are five agents from Canada and six from the USA.  We had a little time to introduce ourselves and then we had dinner at Maria Marie, the menu was set with Caesar salad, French pinion soup, prime rib and a chocolate dessert that was to die for. After dinner we watched some entertainment then we pretty much decided that we were not going to let the gorgeous rooms go to waste and everyone said goodnight.

June 2, 2012

Yesterday I flew to Cancun to start my Real Destination Wedding FAM!   I came in a day earlier as the flight was much better with WestJet on Friday as opposed to Saturday.

I decided to try the brand new RIU Palace Peninsula! For those of you who don’t know Cancun airport be prepared for a wait to get through customs.  While I was waiting there were two couples from the northern states right behind me complaining the whole time, remarking how it was their first and will be the only time they would be in Mexico?  What is wrong guy with people?  You just arrived in a beautiful country with the friendliest people and you have already started your vacation off on a bad foot.

While I was waiting for my transfer I started talking with another lady who is also going on the FAM and she is also staying at the RIU, I have a dinner companion and haven’t even left the airport!  The transfer that I used was with BestDay, we had a bit of a wait but nothing to serious.  OH, I forgot to mention that our flight was 41minutes early – sweet.

When I walked into the RIU my first thoughts are that I think they dropped me off in Miami or Las Vegas,  now for those of you who know me, probably saw me roll me eyes when I walked in because to me, this is NOT Mexico!  I’m not saying it is a bad hotel – just not a Correna hotel.

RIU Palace Peninsula

We had dinner at the Krystal; this is a tapas fusion restaurant.  The food was alright but the killer was NO chips and salsa, so we had to check out the buffet after dinner.  The beach is alright not huge and no palapas.  The pool has tones of loungers and umbrellas.
My room was on the fifth floor ocean view, also overlooking the pools.  The room wasn’t as large as the other RIU that I have stayed at.  The rooms looked stark and cold to me – all the walls were painted a bright white.     I would probably rate this hotel as a 4.5 star resort, the staff is great and the food was alright.  There are a few issues with some of the bars not having enough staff but this will just take some time as it is still really new.