Joanne and Annette Take on Iceland – Final Blog

Well we have had a few busy last couple days in Iceland. Yesterday we took in the most popular tour in Iceland – The Golden Circle which consists of 3 sights.  Geyser Geo Thermal area where hot springs are in abundance, geysers explode and pools of mud bubble. Our second stop was Gull Foss which is the Queen of Icelandic Waterfalls.  Our last stop was the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Pingvellir National Park where Iceland’s most historical events have taken place. We definitely got our exercise in with all the hiking we did and the rain didn’t start until we were on our way back to the hotel.

iceland 04

Little Geyser

iceland 05

Gull Foss



Sunday morning we boarded the Puffin Express Boat for our last tour. They took us out past the bay to view the Atlantic Puffins on the islands just outside of Rekjavik. We saw many Puffins resting on the rocks, swimming in the water and flying around us. After our tour ended we wandered around some more and tried the traditional lobster soup.

We are now just winding down and preparing for our trip home.

Joanne and Annette Take on Iceland – Part 1

Our journey began on June 13th departing on Iceland air from Edmonton.  My economy comfort seats that I bid on were upgraded to business class which was amazing. We enjoyed big cushy seats with nice plush blankets and pillows, free food and drinks. It made the overnight flight very relaxing and enjoyable. It was spectacular to look out the window as we flew over Greenland to see the terrain consisting of snow covered mountains and glaciers.

iceland 01


On day 2 we experienced Reykjavik’s grand city tour which consisted of rich culture, history and natural environment. Highlights of the tour include Hallgrimskirkja Church,  Perlan with 360 degree view of the city, the lighthouse that is the closest point to Greenland which was 275km away, then our tour ended at the Harpa concert hall in downtown Reykjavik where we left the tour. From there we wandered the streets to do some shopping to pick up our Icelandic woolen souvenirs. We have become professionals at taking the bus around the city and boy do they drive like maniacs. Stay tuned for part two.

iceland 02

Hallgrimskirkja Church