Jamie’s Working Vacation in Vienna

Here we are, on our new Air Canada Dreamliner service from Vienna to Toronto, having just completed our 4 nights in Vienna, following the 2 nights we spent in Budapest.

We took the train for almost 3 hours from Budapest to Vienna and arriving in Vienna was almost like arriving in an entirely different land. It surprised me that Budapest and Vienna were so very different, given their close geography and sometimes intertwined history. Where Budapest has the twin cities of Buda and Pest, both centered around the Danube, Vienna is not intersected by the river. Where Budapest is still showing signs of the communist era and there is a drastic mix of beautifully restored buildings and buildings that haven’t been touched and are still riddled in bullet holes, Vienna is pristine with every building restored and perfect – not a paint colour out of place and not a single piece of cobblestone broken. I was very glad we had the chance to experience both beautiful and diverse cities and I was even more thankful that where Budapest rained for us, Vienna brought out the sunshine.

We stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel in Vienna and it is outside Stadpark on the edge of the downtown, historic core area of Vienna. It was a very nice hotel with a beautiful hotel lobby bar and very comfortable rooms. It was a great location to have for a home base. We attended a conference for a couple of days and their conference facilities also seemed in good order – a good choice of conference rooms, food and beverage, audio visual and friendly staff.

When we had some free time in Vienna, we made the most of this beautiful city:

Top attraction highlights:

*Kursalon Concert Hall
Located right across the street from our hotel in Stadpark the Kursalon Concert Hall has a concert every night featuring Strauss, Mozart, Ballet and Opera. The performance was just under 2 hours.  We paid 69EUR for good seats and found it quite entertaining for casual music lovers like us. I would have loved to have seen an opera at the Vienna Opera, but there was not one playing when we had a free evening.


*Lipizzaner Stallions
Lipizzaner Stallions perform at the Spanish Riding School. You can either purchase seats that are “seated” or “standing”. Our seated tickets start around 100EUR each. The performance is just over an hour and the horses and riders go through the different skills the horses learn over many years. It was impressive.


*Hofburg Palace
Adjacent to the Spanish Riding School, the Hofburg Palace has a tour of the Silver Collection, the SISI Museum and the Imperial Apartments for 15EUR per person. The self-guided audio tour took about 1 1/2 hours.


*St. Stephens Cathedral
This is an amazing Gothic structure in the middle of the main square in Vienna. You can go in and view the main cathedral, plus there are options to go up the tower for 5EUR for views over all of Vienna, or for 7EUR you can go down into the Catacombs beneath St. Stephens. Mark climbed the tower while I was at the conference, so together we chose to go beneath St. Stephens to the Catacombs. The Cardinals and Arch Bishops are buried there – It is still used today, so there are some new graves as well as some that are over 400 years old. The Hapsburgs and Imperial family had their internal organs buried there and the main chambers were full of all the ordinary people, including one chamber that was filled with those who didn’t survive the last bubonic plague…a little creepy, but interesting.


This is a beautiful green space with walking paths, food vendors, outdoor restaurants and a nice place to unwind, relax and rest your weary feet. You can anything from a hot dog, to fine dining and Biergartens.

Restaurant Recommendations:

We ate at many good restaurants from small local coffee shops to upper scale Italian and Austrian restaurants. One highlight was Lugeck – located in a historic building, just off the main square. It serves local Austrian food with a bit of flair. The service was great, as was the food and for four of us, with wine, beer and dinner, the bill was 150EUR, which seemed very reasonable. The Wiener Schnitzel was particularly good and with two huge pieces, big enough for two to share!



One afternoon we happened into a Keller – a Viennese tradition of historical underground vaults used for bars/restaurants. This particular Keller had been used for almost 1000 years – called the Zwolf Apostelkeller. It had several rooms, vaults, traditional Viennese dining (think upgraded pub food), Austrian wines and beer and local entertainment. It is a very unique and Viennese experience not to be missed when you are in Vienna. The location is right around the corner from the Lugeck restaurant.

There is an outdoor restaurant; just inside the Stadpark entrance, across from the Intercontinental called the Kleinod Stadtgarten meets Cafe Francais. They had the most amazing “tarts”, which to us North Americans is a very thin crust pizza with toppings like bacon and spring onions, apples and Brie, etc. It was the most enjoyable lunch, outside in the sunshine and green space of the park with wonderful food and a nice Rose Garden.


I look forward to returning to Austria one day to see more outside of Vienna, but for the short time period we had, Vienna did not disappoint.

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Budapest to Amsterdam – Amanda’s Avalon Cruise Part 2

On days two, three and four of our cruise we sailed to Vienna, Durnstein, Melk and Cesky Krumlov.

Vienna 3


Vienna was a great city to see. We walked around the downtown area by the opera house and palace. We lucked out and saw the Spanish stallions they use for shows. That was neat. We visited a local market then got in the hop on/off bus. It was a great way to see much more of the city.

Vienna 1

Spanish Stallions


Durnstein Austria was an older city and very tiny (only 30kms long). It was quaint and visited by a lot of tourists. They make pretty much anything you can think of out of apricots. They are also well known for their wines.

In Melk Austria we went to the Abbey and walked around the town a bit. The Abbey is a monastery and a school. The church and library in the spiritual wing were beautiful. The imperial museum had lots of old significant pieces from Catholic history there. The frescoes on the ceilings were amazing.

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I really liked Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic as it had old buildings and people dressed up. The cobble stone streets were a bit hard to walk on but it was worth it. I tasted traditional Czech ice cream which was vanilla and blackberry. It was so yummy.  I thought it was black licorice at first until I read the sign.  The 5 Petaled Rose celebration was just wrapping up when we were there.  People dressed up in Renaissance outfits and many traditional foods and activities from that time period there. It was like literally going back in time, a very neat experience.  This is a UNESCO world heritage site.

CRISIS AVERTED!! We found out about a change in plans. A cargo ship got stuck sideways blocking the river westbound as the river level was very low. It was going to take 5 days to move it. It happened that Avalon ExpressionAvalon had another ship, the Avalon Expression, that started in Nuremburg headed to Budapest and they were stopped in Regensburg on the other side of the cargo ship. We had to pack up last night as we were switching ships. We have the same cabin numbers for most part, just 3 people had to move. They gave us an all day excursion in Regensburg which was nice.

If this change of trip hadn’t worked out so well, we would’ve had a land tour for the remaining days with coaches and staying in hotels. Luckily with the Globus Family of Brands this would have been an easy solution as well since they have Avalon, Cosmos, Globus and Monograms. No other river cruise company would have those options at their disposal so quickly.  This is an excellent way of showing how Avalon / Globus goes above and beyond for their guests and always has best interests in mind. They always say on their documents to be prepared for changes as needed and this is a perfect example of the type of change that could come up!

The transition to the new ship was very smoothly. Our new cabin is very similar to the previous one.

On these ships you can really feel and hear vibration of ship from engine from the back to about mid ship so I recommend booking early (at least 6 months out) to get closer to front or middle of the ship for a quieter cabin.

Also, our ship climbed a hill and went back down going through 68 locks in total!   I’ll have more details for you in my next post so stay tuned…


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Joannes Ama Waterways Part 5

April 15th

Today we arrived into Vienna and did a city tour.   It was an amazing tour with a visit to St. Stephen’s Cathedral, we saw the Opera house and the Hofburg Palace.

In the afternoon we did an optional excursion to Schonbrunn Palace. It once served as the summer palace for the Habsburgs.   This is the residence of the famous Maria Theresia.

After dinner we experienced a concert with Mozart and Strauss music.   The lead violinist was 22 years old and amazing.  Our bus ride home from the concert took us around Vienna’s famed Ringstrasse by night.

Till tomorrow…