Adrienne and Correna’s FAM 360 Day 3

Breakfast arrived at 930 and woke us up.  We headed for the deck for some sun and pretty much spent the whole morning in the sun, ouch sun burns!!!!!!

The afternoon we moved to the solarium which is the adult’s side and we parked in the shade.  The food in the Windjammer is alright as we have eaten lunch here the last few days, we have both commented that the food our last cruise was better!

Theatre on the ship

We did make it to the dinning room tonight for formal night, we are sitting with four other people, on couple fromMarylandand the other two people are fromTennessee!    Everyone is very friendly and we had a great time getting to know each other.

I would say that Royal Caribbean demographic is a lot younger than other cruise we have to compare with.

After dinner we went to the Ixtapa Lounge where they had Karaoke, there were a couple people who were really good, a few not so much, and a few who tried.  We then moved to the Metropolitan theatre and watched a comedian by the name of Jeff Jena for adult comedy.

Off to bed as we are in George Town, Grand Caymans.