Correna’s Barbados Tourist Board MEGA FAM!

June 21st, 2012

It was a long day today.  We were on the bus for 8:30 AM to start our villa inspections.  We looked at nine different properties today with varied starting price points, they started at $800.00 per night to one that fetched $8000.00 a night!  All I could say was wow.  We finished off with the inspections and enjoyed lunch at Little Good Harbour.  Lunch was at the beach side Fish Pot restaurant, the food was great and the ocean even better.

We returned to our hotel and headed right for the ocean, it was about 44 degrees during our inspections (with the humidity) so it was so great to jump into the ocean to cool off.  We then tried out the pool just as happy hour hit 🙂

We had a welcome reception in the evening where we meet and mingled with other agents from around the world.  We were told there were 278 in attendance, with nearly half of the attendees coming from the UK.

June 20th, 2012

Our flight was to Barbados was right on time.  When we arrived into Bridgetown we disembarked and walked across the tarmac to customs, we all got through pretty quick and were loaded into the bus to transfer us to the hotel. Our group was split up into two; the first, staying at the Accra and the other half to Oceans Two!  I am in the second group – oh my goodness is it amazing!  I am sure we have the best of the properties but I will find out a little later as we are doing a site inspection and having dinner at the Accra.

Our resort is an EP (European Plan) property.  I have a roommate from St Catharines, Ontario, and we are checked into a one bedroom suite with a king bed in the bedroom and a queen pullout in the living room.  We have a huge bathroom with double sinks and the biggest shower that features a hand held head as well as a rain shower head.  We have a full kitchen with washer and dryer.  We have an ocean view with loungers and table and chairs.  I would highly recommend this resort.

There is a little market just at the end of the drive that has all kinds of beverages and grocery items.   Well I have to get ready for the inspection of Accra and dinner!   We have Villa Site inspections first thing in the morning so this will be it for today.

June 19, 2012

I left this afternoon for Barbados with a connection in Calgary, and an overnight in Toronto, on WestJet.  My flight from Saskatoon Calgary was full, where as the evening flight from Calgary to Toronto only had 61 passengers on the plane.  This left nearly everyone with three seats to themselves – awesome!  I had asked the flight attendant (who happens to be a Leafs fan, I did offer him my condolences) if this was normal.  He did tell me this wasn’t normal and that  they didn’t have a slow time this past winter and you would never see a flight that empty coming out of Saskatchewan, yeah us!

All the flights were all on time and we even landed early in Toronto, so that was nice as we were scheduled for midnight.  The luggage was pretty fast so I just had to walk out the doors to the waiting shuttle for the Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott Toronto Airport, in total it likely took me half hour to get my bag and get to the hotel.

Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott Toronto Airport

We had to meet at the airport around 7:30 so I was up at 6 and jumped on the hotel shuttle after a bite to eat at breakfast supplied at the hotel.  The shuttle took about five minutes; I had my boarding pass already as they checked me in all the way to Barbados in Saskatoon.  This was great as I just had to print off my baggage tags and drop my luggage.  When they checked me in at Saskatoon I also asked if I would be able to sit in bulkhead – yup – this is where I am blogging from.  There is so much more leg room and no swollen feet.  🙂

Getting through security took a little longer as all business travelers were trying to get through as well.

Our flight to Barbados is about five hours from Toronto.  Our FAM group is approximately 13 people but the Barbados Tourism Board has invited travel agents from all over the world to the MEGA FAM.  I don’t know the total numbers and who will be attending as of yet, but it should be a great time.