November 1-2, 2018 – Keelung, Taiwan

TYPHOON!  We were supposed to go to Ishigaki Island, Japan today but the effects of a typhoon in the area have caused us to miss that port and instead we sailed directly to Taiwan.  3 - KeelungOur port of call is Keelung, the gateway city to Taipei and it is raining!  We decided not to go into Taipei because of the rain, the fact I was feeling a little under the weather and I had been to Taipei before.  Instead, we focused on what Keelung had to offer…a vibrant market!

The ship docked within easy walking distance of the market and temple, so off we went on another adventure!  The market grew out of the location of the temple.  Apparently, one entrepreneur started selling items to the people going to the temple.  This caused a few others to follow suit and so on and so on.  The result was a plethora of shops selling wares but also an impressive number of food vendors selling everything from soup to local specialties like stuffed pig’s intestines and I think it was skinned frogs we saw at one booth.

The temple was tucked in behind the wall of food merchants.  What started off as the reason to create the markets seems to have taken a back seat to food stalls.

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Oddly there was a puppet show outside the temple but unfortunately, we could not understand or follow along.

We went back to the market again that night and it was really even more impressive at night with additional shops and vendors and significantly more people.  I quite enjoy markets like this and it did not disappoint.

As mentioned, we stayed in Keelung the next day.  We wandered around the downtown area shopping for some great bargains.  A very relaxing day which was what I needed after the hectic pace of ports we explored over the last few weeks.  Another sea day up next and then one of my favourite cities in the world…Hong Kong!