Why You Should Consider SKYXE Airport’s Valet Parking

Saskatoon SKYXE Airport – Why You Should Consider their New Valet Option

family at airport

I was travelling to Mexico very early January 1st with my husband and three young children.  We were considering several options for getting to the airport and for parking.

  • Taxi’s could be difficult due to departing early on New Years day and the New Years Eve crowd could still be tying up Taxi’s at 4am.  We were also returning late at night and taxi queues can be long for those late flights.
  • Jet Set Parking – while a good option in good weather, we weren’t keen on having to take a shuttle in the cold with the kids and there is the question of “what do we do with the winter jackets”?
  • I had a 20% off promo code for Valet parking, which brought it to within $60 or so off the regular, standard parking lot at SKYXE and within $20 or so of the preferred parking lot.  We decided to splurge and give it a try.  The Valet meant we could pull up right in front when we were departing, they would store our winter coats and our van would be warm and waiting curbside when we returned.

We returned to Saskatoon at 130am, to -30 temperatures and fresh snow.  Not having to run out to start a cold car and bring in cold jackets for tired, cranky kids, was definitely worth the extra in my books and we were so thankful we had decided to give Valet a try.  I would urge you to consider adding the extra parking cost into your trip budget, especially if you have small kids, or are travelling during the cold winter months.  You spend so much time and money planning the perfect vacation, why not have it end on a high note as well, instead of being left out in the cold?

Right now VALETXE has a promotion that’s too good to pass up!

Between January 15 – February 23, 2020 get 1 day of free ValetXE parking for every 2 days purchased. Discount will be applied upon checkout at the ValetXE desk. Not valid for online bookings.

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