Jamie’s Mayan Riviera El Cid Marina – Part 1

Having been in the travel industry for over 15 years, I find it hard to believe I have never made it to one of our most popular destinations – Cancun and the Mayan Riviera.

We flew from Saskatoon to Cancun with Westjet via Calgary.  The flights were all good, just slightly delayed due to weather. Westjet now loses satellite tv just south of the US border, but they have a few free movies you could watch. I still miss the days where they fed you a real meal on an airplane!

Anyway, the real adventure began when we hit the Cancun airport. Holy Moly, what a bunch of lineups, hundreds and hundreds of angry and frustrated people of all nationalities, clamouring and pushing and sneaking ahead of you in line. Jeepers, I was happy to say goodbye to that airport an hour and a half after we arrived!

Thankfully the El Cid is only about 20 minutes from the airport and we were soon enjoying our first margarita! 🙂 This is definitely a family friendly hotel and a good, solid four star. I’m glad we picked it.


Amazing view of the pool from our room.

The one bedroom suite is enormous and we have had our pick of chairs on the beach and by the pool. There are lots of kids for Sydney to play with and I had an awesome massage on the beach, which at $56.00 for 30 minutes wasn’t a bad rate for a resort. The food so far has been good. We are soon off to try Alcazar, one of their fine dining restaurants.

Alcazar ended up being comparable to most fine dining restaurants at home. A very enjoyable meal with great service and presentation and a very child friendly kids menu.

Now we are off to enjoy another day of the pool and beach!


The lobby bar in El Cid

Colleen is in the Mayan Riviera!

RIU Playacar – 27Apr.-03Aug.12

We flew out of Calgary so we overnighted at the Radisson Hotel by the airport.  The Radisson is a very nice hotel and the staff there is excellent.  You have to love those number beds.

We flew down to Cancun with Canjet and they were very good.  The flight down was 5 ½ hours and we arrived into Cancun on time.  The customs area was much better than the last time we were here and we were through customs and in our transfer in 1 hour.  Record time.  In February we were in customs over 2 hours before we even got to our luggage.  So we were really surprised.

We are staying at the RIU Playacar in the Playacar area and it is like a small neighborhood.   We arrived at the hotel, had supper, then headed off to bed.  It’s was a long day!


We had a quick tour of the hotel in the morning.  This is the type of hotel that we love to stay in.   I would say that is a solid 3 star family hotel.  This is a small hotel and everything is within a 2 minute walk.  You enter through the lobby and there is a lobby bar and 2 restaurants, you take the main path out of the lobby and all the rooms are on either side of the path.  There are 3 buildings on each side.  We are in the last building closest to the beach.  If you continue down the path, it takes you by the pools and beach restaurants and theatre.  And that’s the whole resort.  The rooms are basic but clean with only a shower.  The T.V. has a couple of English channels so that is good.  It’s the staff here that makes the difference.  They are all very helpful and friendly.   I think we are the only Canadians here as the hotel is full of Brits, Germans and people from every Spanish country so not much English is spoken.  Will definitely have to learn some Spanish.  We went out for a quick walk to see the other RIU properties.  Because Playacar is a like a small neighborhood, there are sidewalks on either side and it is really easy to get around.  We are about a 25 minute walk from Playa Del Carman and we feel totally safe.  It is so hot we do a quick round of the hotels and then back to the beach for the rest of the day – it is a holiday after all 🙂