Joanne’s fam to Australia-Melbourne Tuesday June 7

Hello Everyone,

Well i made it after 36 hours of waiting in airports and flying.  Air New Zealand is amazing,  i think the best airline i have been on.  The service was outstanding and all the fights on time. I did not sleep much on the plane maybe 3 hours at the most.   Melbourne  reminds me of  Toronto with all the hotels, skyscrapers, and shops.  Melbourne is definately the city for those you like to shop, drink coffee and go to shows at night.  The weather today is cold and rainy.  The temp  is about 12 degrees.

The day that we arrived we walked to the Eureka Sky Deck, which is the tallest building in Melbourne 300 meters high.  I did the Edge experience, some chickened out but i did it holding on the rail and not looking down.  The edge is a glass dome that goes out on the side of the building at the very top.

We seem to be eating and drinking a lot. The food is amazing.  We are definitely not starving. We are walking a lot so hopefully burning some calories.

Day 2 we did wine tours all day.  We toured 4 different wineries and probably sampled 30 different kinds of wine.  Of course it is winter here so the vineyards are harvested already but still a great experience.  We ended our day at the winery that makes Champagne!!!!

I saw my first Kangaroo with 2 little ones in the wild on the drive back to Melbourne.  That was really exciting.

Day 3 we walked to Federation Square for our Hidden Lanes and Arcades walking tour. We saw parts of the city that the locals don’t even find.

Well i better get ready for my dinner tonight.  We are having dinner on the Tram Car Restaurant and maybe after if we have time we will go to a show.

Correna’s Trip to the Cook Islands April 25 – May 4/2010

Sunday my flight left Saskatoon at 0605 with WestJet, I arrived into Calgary where I had a 3 hour lay over. From Calgary it was off to Los Angeles as well with WestJet.
I arrived into Los Angeles airport terminal 2 which also is the terminal that Air New Zealand uses. I had some time to kill so I ventured over to terminal 3 where I found a food court and hot spots for WiFi.
I headed back to terminal 2 to meet the group that I would be travelling with. Our flight to Roratonga was for 2325 which was on time. The air craft was awesome, this is the nicest plane I have ever been on. The flight was not full which was great for sleeping. The entertainment that was available was huge, everyone had their own remote that controlled your lights, television, and yes even if you wanted to play video games they were available as well. I am so in love with Air New Zealand.