Colleen’s Down in New Orleans – Blog 3

Alligator bites

Alligator Bites

This place is a foodie paradise!   We have been doing so many things while we are in New Orleans but everywhere you turn there is food and something to drink. We have tried the seafood, a Po’Boy sandwich’ a Hurricane drink but nothing says New Orleans like Cafe Du Monde.  There is always a long line no matter the time if day but the lines move quickly because there is only beignets and coffee. If you come to New Orleans you must try a beignet. The come warm and covered in icing sugar. Outside there is always some music playing. This is a great New Orleans experience.

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Colleen’s Down in New Orleans – Blog 2

Home on the Garden District

Home in the Garden District

Whenever we get to a new city we always ride the Hop on Hop off bus. It gives you a good idea where places are located and the guide will give you great information. Our guide Dustin was no different. He knows the history of the city and all the stories. We went to the Garden District today and had a quick tour of the area. The houses here are amazing and there is also great shopping on Market Street.

We are loving exploring New Orleans!

Parasols on the ceiling at Traceys on Magazine Street

Parasols on the ceiling at Tracey’s on Magazine Street.

Colleen’s Down in New Orleans – Blog 1

This year, my girls trip with my sisters and mother brings us to New Orleans.

Jackson Square

Jackson Square

We were up early for our flight and arrived in New Orleans around 1pm. We took a quick trip to the French Quarter and into the madness. The French Quarter is not that big but the amount of people is just crazy.  The first thing we notice is that the people are great. They are so friendly. The second is that you can drink anywhere and they have quite a few bars. Everyone is walking down the street drinks in hand.

TIP you must have picture ID to get a drink.

The drinking age is 21 and if you don’t have ID – no drink. My Mom who is a senior couldn’t get a drink without ID.   Bring your driver’s license as you don’t want to be carrying your passport.

Went to our local bar crazy who they let in

not too sure if these guys are over 21…

If you are a party person you have come to the right town. There is music playing all over the Quarter and it’s a great mix of people music and the smell of great food.

TIP bring a good pair of walking shoes as you will put on miles when you are here.

Out of 4 we already have 2 with blisters.

Here are a few photos that we took around the French Quarter.  Stay tuned for more updates from our week in the Big Easy.

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Karen’s Great China Adventure – Shanghai Disneyland

Blog 4 Disney 5

Enchanted Storybook Castle

From the moment I started planning my China trip I knew a Disney trip was also in order. There’s no way I would pass up a Disney Day!  I thought you might want to know my thoughts and tips for this park.

Blog 4 Disney 8

Toy Story Hotel

Tip number one

Stay on property.  There are two Hotels on property and they give you early access to the parks among other benefits.

Tip number two

Contrary to how it works in North America, you should buy your park passes at the hotel. If you do this you will receive an extra fast pass that they will book for you on the spot for whatever time you want.

Tip number three

Getting there early is key and you will need your passport to enter the parks.

Tip number four

Still do your research of where the rides are and which ones are the toughest to get on. This park can get crazy.  You can find the map to the park here .

Blog 4 Disney 7

Treasure Cove

The first bus left the hotel at 710 and I was of course on it. By the time we queued, got through the lines and security we were at in at 740. A whole hour and twenty minutes before everyone else was let in. In that amount of time I was able to get on all of the rides that tend to have big line ups. I was then able to take advantage of the single rider lines.

Once it was time to stop and eat it was starting to get busy. This can only mean one thing in the parks. It time for shows and a character meet and greets where the lines are not long.

Even though the shows were not in English for me I thoroughly enjoyed them. The acrobats and technology incorporated with the shows are second to none.

There is a lack of restaurants in the park and all of the food carts close super early. This is easily rectified by the fact that the park is right next door to Disney Town. For me I wasn’t willing to give up my park time to leave and eat.

Blog 4 Disney 4

TRON Lightcycle Power Run

After I saw two of the shows the lines were small again to get back on the rides. The longest I waited was 20 minutes in line and that was only once.

I was really impressed with all of the rides. This is a new park so even the old favorites had something different about them. I will not spoil this for you but it does make it worthwhile to go on every ride.

I spent a full 13 hour day here and it was well worth the sore and tired feet.

If you have any questions about Shanghai Disneyland or any other aspect of my trip to China I would love to chat with you and help organize your trip!  Call me at 306-934-3400 or email

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