Casie’s Living The Palace Life in Cancun – Part 3

Celebrating Day of the Dead in Cancun

45487667_551688051958954_7707979971347611648_nDay of the Dead is a Mexican celebration of life and death that takes place Nov 01 and 02. Palace Resort’s does an amazing job at showing their clients this special occasion.

In the lobby at the Grand at Moon Palace there is a display when you walk in including two Calacas, a colloquial Mexican Spanish name for Skeleton.

You will see colorful alters around the resort lobby areas. Alters are meant to bring the deceased spirits back. There are four elements; air represented by cut out paper, water represented by drinks, fire represented by candles and earth represented by seeds. They can either be two, three or seven steps tall. The seven steps are most sophisticated and the ones we saw more of.

While we were visiting the Beach Palace in Cancun we got to see so many beautiful alters! The hard work that is put into them blows my mind.

Grand at Moon Palace put on a special event for us. They had three alters and a table at the back where we could lay a picture of a deceased love one to celebrate their life. It was a little emotional but most of us saw the happiness in celebrating the life they lived.


If you ever get a chance to visit Mexico during Day of the Dead I highly recommend going!  Here are a few more of my photos form this really amazing event.

That’s it from me on the Grand at Moon Palace Cancun.  If you would like to know more about this amazing resort or would like to book your own vacation please feel free to reach out to me here in Saskatoon at 306-955-1449 or

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