Colleen’s Strolling Through Spain – Part 8

So our tour of Spain has come to an end and we have had an incredible trip. Spain is quite inexpensive compared to other European countries. Where else can you get a beer for 1.60EUR and Sangria for 3.20EUR. Our suppers were running around 20-25EUR depending on the menu and tipping one or two euros was met with smiles and gracias.

Here are a few tips for your trip to Spain:

  • In the larger cities, always take the Metro. It is inexpensive and a quick and way to cover a lot of ground. If you are not sure how to use the Metro just stop by the office and I can give you a quick lesson.
  • Always buy your tours in advance. The lineup for tickets to the Royal Palace was 1 hour long in 37 degree heat so having your tickets and skipping that line is a no brainer.
  • Arrive in your destination the day before your first tour so you can get the lay of the land and find your tour office or pickup location before the tour.
  • Learn a few words in Spanish as they really appreciate the effort and English is not Blog 8 - travel essentialscommon in the smaller towns.
  • Use the local transportation. In Spain the bus is very efficient and very affordable. We took a bus ride from Lugo to Sarria which is 30 minutes for 2.10EUR. Trains and busses will get you where you want to go and take you to the heart of the city.
  • In the smaller communities credit card is not always accepted so you will need cash. ATMs can be found in the smallest of cities.
  • Stop and spend time at the many outdoor cafes. They are happy to have you even if you are only having drinks
  • last but not least; our two best purchases were a small shampoo bar from the Lush store which was easy to carry and no worries it will spill and a charger for the phones for Spain. We stopped in at the Ale-Hop which is like a Knick knack store and bought on for 5.00EUR so we could charge 2 phones at one time. No converter needed.

If Spain is not on your bucket list it should be. The history along with so many different regions make this destination a must to visit. City to sea it is all there waiting for you in Spain.

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Colleen’s Strolling Through Spain – Part 7

Madrid CathedralWe left Santiago de Compostela by high speed train and arrived in Madrid 5 hours later. We are staying in an apartment by the Atocha train station and what is known as museum row. It is really hot. We arrived at 1:00 and it was already 32 degrees and went to 37 that day. It is much too hot to walk so we have to take the Metro most places to limit our time in the sun. A 3 day metro pass is 18.00EUR and we have put it to good use. Madrid is a beautiful city made up of some of the world’s best art museums, beautiful buildings, 400 fountains and home of Real Madrid for all the soccer fans. If you have time a tour of the stadium is really something even if soccer is not your thing. It is massive and seats 85,000 people with area for standing room fans. We also did a tour of the Royal palace which is really great. In most of the big cities we have visited we’ve ran into a walking tour that is free and you just tip what you think the tour is worth. It’s a great value for a 3 hour tour.   If you have time, a trip to one of the cities rooftop terraces will give you a great view of the city complete with drinks and water misters to help combat the heat.  A couple of nights we headed out after dark to see Madrid at night. All of the buildings and fountains are lit up giving you a different view of the city.  This is a city that we would gladly visit again.

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