A Special Mother’s Day Message


This year we wanted to take a moment to celebrate Mother’s Day and what it means to us.    We had our team write special messages about being moms sharing the world with their kids, about travelling with their moms or about those other special people and moments that give them happy mother figure feelings.   Grab your tissues and take a read!

ElenaEvery girl needs to have their own cheer team and I can say I’m lucky to have these two beautiful women in my corner.

Over the years they’ve travelled with me to Dance Recitals, to the gridiron to cheer me and the Saskatoon Valkyries Women’s Tackle Football Team on.  And in between we travelled to Alaska with Holland America.

“It doesn’t matter where you’re going it’s who you have beside you”

Mom, love you to the moon & Grandma, Love you both big time

Love Elena





I had an amazing chance to travel with my daughters to Germany. My oldest daughter was competing with Team Canada on the tap team. After the competitions were all over we got to spend an extra six days exploring our family history and some of the best Christmas markets in the world. Our youngest daughter brought a German phrase book with her everywhere we went and would try to figure out how to order our meals for us. I loved showing my daughters there was more to life than their own backyard.




I’ve been lucky enough to travel with my mom a few times. So far my favorite has been Greece! My mom was a farm kid growing up and never thought she’d ever leave North America. Getting to experience this adventure with her was unforgettable. We sailed the Greek Islands with G Adventures and met some amazing people! This was definitely a trip I’ll never forget!


JoanneI travelled with my niece, Steph to the Mayan Riviera in Dec 2017.

I can’t Thank you enough Steph for taking care of me when I had a medical emergency in Mexico even though I scared the life out of you. You are my hero and not sure what I would have done without you.  A niece is a gift whose worth cannot be measured except by the heart.  I am so proud of you and will love and cherish you forever.



My happy place is on the beach with the people I love the most!  My little guy is just like his mom… Loves travelling and loves the sunshine!  We always have the time of our lives in Mexico.  I will always hold these travel memories dear to my heart.  Being a mom is the biggest adventure of all!



As a travel agent we do tend to travel a little more than the average bear.  With our love of travel it tends to spill over into our families and our friends lives.  The first vacation that we took as a family was to Puerto Vallarta a few years ago.  Now to say we had to do some talking to convince our Mom that Mexico was safe was an understatement.  We finally convinced her and off the 7 of us went and had the best time.  She still talks about how much she enjoyed her trip and that she felt totally comfortable and safe for the 10 days we were there.








I love travelling with my mom.  As a kid, we went on plenty of family holidays, but you see your parents in a different light as you get older.  You can connect with them as an adult and appreciate everything they did for you when you were younger.  Being able to travel with my mom and create new memories is a pleasure and a joy and something I don’t take for granted.

You never know when the memories will be all you have, so treasure the time together when you can.







Mother's Day Blog- Kyra

The only trip I have really taken with just my mom and I (no other family members) was my high school travel club trip to France.  My mom came as a parent chaperone and even though there was a bunch of others on the tour, it was still really special for us!  It was her first trip to Europe and our first trip together!  I have such fond memories of our adventure exploring France together that will be cherished for a lifetime!  One of my favourite memories from the trip was in Paris!  We both have always wanted to see the Eiffel Tour and we had the opportunity to go up at night!  I really wanted to see the Eiffel Tower during the day as well and we had free time on our last day.  My friends all wanted to do other activities so my mom and I decided to figure out the Metro by ourselves and made our way to the Eiffel Tower!  We got the hang of the Metro very quickly and had a great afternoon bonding!  I can’t wait for my next adventure with my mom!  Happy Mother’s Day!





Heather 2

When I think about travelling with my mom so many AMAZING memories pop up.   I think about riding bikes together in the Mayan jungle to find ancient ruins, floating in the perfect Caribbean Sea in Negril or trying not to melt to the sidewalks in Las Vegas.   Mostly though, I just think about the fact that we are so blessed to have been able to travel together just the two of us and with our extended family creating countless memories along the way.   Here’s to our next adventure together!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!


Just about every year my sisters and I like to take a trip with Mom to some of our favourite destinations. This year was a little special as we were travelling to my sister’s home in Honduras.  There is nothing quite as fun as travelling with Mom and just my sisters.  It makes you feel like you are living at home again with Mom still running the show.  On our way down to Honduras, Mom and I were upgraded to Business Class hence the picture with the free wine.  Everyone should travel with family.  Life is short and memories of great trips are long.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom.


My most special “mother” trip has to be going to Ireland in February 2018; I had just recently found out that I was finally going to be a new momma myself! Traveling while pregnant was definitely a new experience, but I didn’t let it slow me down from doing all the sightseeing I wanted to do throughout Ireland. Luckily I was on a coach tour with Cosmos, so I had lots of opportunities to get in some afternoon naps along the way.

Though the little one won’t be here yet for Mother’s Day 2018, it’s going to be an extra special one for me. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother figures out there!



We hope that you do something extra special with the special people in your life very soon. If you would like to plan a trip with your mom we would LOVE to help you make it a vacation to remember.  Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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Today, May 2nd 2018, is Travel Agent Day!  It’s a day that we take to celebrate all that our hard working agents do.  There is so much dedication, knowledge, time and love that goes into each trip they book and we know they do their very best to make sure everything about your travel arrangements is carefree!

We had each of our agents take a few minutes to answer some questions so that you can get to know a little bit about who they are.  Check it out!

Travel Agent Day 2018 - Elena photoELENA KUBE

What is the one thing you always travel with? My Bathing Suit you never know when you’ll find a pool.  My blow up floating ring if it’s a beach/hot destination.  And slippers, I don’t like walking on hotel room carpet.

What destination do you dream of visiting that you haven’t made it to yet? Greece, Croatia, Bali, Ireland

What is your top travel tip? Pack at least one clean pair of undies and a shirt in your carry-on bag.  If your bag goes missing at least you have something clean to change into.  Plus a water bottle, fill it up after security so you have it on the flight or while your touring around on your trip.

What is your favourite destination to visit and why? Every trip I’ve been on has been my favorite for one reason or another.

Tell me about your favourite travel moment(s)? Taking an Alaskan Inside Passage Cruise with my mom, grandma and my sister for my birthday.  Going to Turkey & Egypt with my cousin for my 30th  Being proposed to on the Eiffel Tower in Paris.  Landing in Abbotsford and having my 2yr old nephew greet me.

Why did you become a travel agent? I was 18yrs old and right out of high school and went to Australia. I returned I knew I should go back to school so I thought why not become a travel agent.

COLLEEN LORENZEN Travel Agent Day 2018 - Colleen photo only 3

What is the one thing you always travel with?  I always  travel with my reader as it saves me carrying so many books

What destination do you dream of visiting that you haven’t made it to yet? We have been talking about walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain for so long and we are finally going to do it this summer.  Super excited.

What is your favourite destination to visit and why? My favourite is Maui because we have such a relaxing holiday when we go there.  I love that we can travel around the island with no worries.

Tell me about your favourite travel moment My favourite travel moment was when we were at the Pyramids in Giza and because we travelled shortly after the revolution in Egypt there were only a handful of tourists so you felt like you were totally alone with some of the most beautiful monuments in the world.


Travel Agent Day 2018 - Stephanie photo onlySTEPHANIE AFSETH

What is the one thing you always travel with?  I never go anywhere without my earbuds. Music or movies help me zone out, especially on long flights, so they are usually the first thing in my bag.

What destination do you dream of visiting that you haven’t made it to yet?  Africa is the top of my “one day” list. I’d love to safari in Kenya and Tanzania. Both my husband and I love animals, and I can’t wait for the day I get to see a hippopotamus in its natural habitat.

What is your favourite destination to visit and why? So far I love South East Asia the most. The culture is so different from North America, the food is so flavorful, generally it’s cost effective once you are there, and you can’t beat having warm weather all the time.

Tell me about your favourite travel moment.  I’ll never forget my first coach tour. I spent 14 jam packed days in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia with Contiki. It was my first introduction to Asia, and to group touring. It’s such a great way to meet people, and many of us keep in touch via Facebook. Seeing the sun rise over Angkor Wat, riding elephants in Laos, and taking the overnight train to Chiang Mai are some of the highlights I’ll always remember.

Travel Agent Day 2018 - Kyra photo onlyKYRA DECEMBER

Why did you become a travel agent?  I became a travel agent because I have a passion for traveling and seeing the world and I love helping my clients experience the world as well!  I love making their experience as stress-free as possible from the moment they start planning until the moment they arrive back home from their own adventures!

Tell me about your favourite travel moment.  My favourite travel moment so far would have to be the hour long helicopter tour over Kauai that I had the opportunity to partake in this January!  I have always wanted to do a helicopter ride and Kauai was the perfect setting for it!  The views of the Waimea Canyon, countless waterfalls, and the Napali Coast were absolutely breathtaking!  We even seen some whales from our helicopter!  An opportunity of a lifetime that I highly recommend!

What destination do you dream of visiting that you haven’t made it to yet?  I  want to see as much of the world as possible, however, one destination I dream of visiting is Croatia!  It looks like such a beautiful country with a mix of beaches, history, culture, and nature!  I plan to make my way over there one day!

Travel Agent Day 2018 - Correna photo onlyCORRENA TYMCHEN

What is the one thing you always travel with?  Well Hopefully my passport lol.  You can read about Correna’s stolen passport adventure here  https://goo.gl/kg3WCS

What destination do you dream of visiting that you haven’t made it to yet? Romania to see Dracula’s castle is #1 on my bucket list.  I can’t wait to see where Vald the Impaler lived and ruled.

What is your top travel tip? Always have your snacks and water as you never know if you will have a long delay.  Also, if you are a dress wearer I recommend wearing a maxi dress on the plane as it doubles as a blanket.

What is your favourite destination to visit and why? My favourite is Puerto Vallarta by far.  The weather is usually always good, it is a quick flight and the food and people are amazing.

Tell me about your favourite travel moment.  I would have to say my trip last year to Scotland, we visited one of the castles that was used in the show Outlander.  I can still see Jamie walking out of the castle right into my arms ahhhh.

Why did you become a travel agent? To help make people’s dreams come true.  I work with a few amazing people and companies that help people plan their dream vacations, this is by far the best part of my job.  There is nothing better than to help families make lasting memories.

JOANNE PIDWERBETSKYTravel Agent Day 2018 - Joanne photo only

What is the one thing you always travel with?  Always travel with a small blanket on the airplane.  I always freeze.

What is your favourite destination to visit and why? My favourite destination is Iceland.  I still dream about bathing in the Blue Lagoon.  It is exactly like the pictures you see.  Truly amazing!!



Travel Agent Day 2018 - Karen photo only



What is the one thing you always travel with?
The one thing I always travel with is my noise cancelling headphones, you never know when you need a nap!

What is your favourite destination to visit and why?
My favorite destination is of course Disney World. There is something magical and carefree that takes over the moment you walk through the gates at Magic Kingdom and you set eyes on Cinderella’s castle. I does not matter how many times I have been there the feeling is always the same.




JAMIE MILTON Travel Agent Day 2018 - Jamie photo only

What is your top travel tip? Always be early – there is always the chance of long lineups, shortage of staff at security, road work, traffic accidents, etc that will delay you getting to your destination or departure gate on time.  You don’t want to miss a flight/excursion/event because of unexpected delays that could be avoided by leaving a bit early.

What is your favourite destination to visit and why? Hawaii.  There is always something new to see and experience and each island is so unique.  I love the freedom and comfort of being able to drive around, eat anything, drink anything and go anywhere with my family.  It is a feeling of being at “home”, but the setting is 1000 times better!

Tell me about your favourite travel moment.  We were on our second day of a Safari at Kapama Game Reserve in South Africa.  It was the most amazing day.  We went for a morning game drive, then spent the afternoon at the spa.  On the evening game drive we saw all of the animals we had been waiting for – elephants, white rhino, water buffalo, lions and even the elusive leopard at the very end of our night.  There was a full moon and it felt magical.  After a dinner with the staff singing and dancing, we went for a walk and that is where my husband proposed – on a dry river bed, under a full moon in the middle of a beautiful lodge in South Africa – a perfect end to a perfect day.

Travel Agent Day 2018 - Czarina photoCZARINA SASTAUNIK

What is the one thing you always travel with?   – My phone!  Besides being my camera and my way to contact home, I love utilizing travel apps to help navigate my trip and make it a little easier.  Zomato is one of the best food apps for any travelling Foodie looking for restaurant ideas!

What destination do you dream of visiting that you haven’t made it to yet?  Egypt!  I would love to see the pyramids in person.

What is your top travel tip?   Take copies of your passports and travel itinerary and leave with trusted family or friends.    (I can change this if someone has used this.)

What is your favourite destination to visit and why? Too many to list but I have a special place in my heart for Italy.

Tell me about your favourite travel moment.  Feeding kangaroos in Australia was pretty special.  I love the wildlife there!

Why did you become a travel agent?  It’s a family affair!  My mom is a proud retired travel agent and my youth was filled with fun trips all over the world and lots of plane rides.  Becoming an agent has allowed me to travel all over the world.  A new stamp in my passport is always such a thrill for me!

MARCY MELNYKTravel Agent Day 2018 - Marcy photo only

What destination do you dream of visiting that you haven’t made it to yet?  Bora Bora

 Tell me about your favourite travel moment.  Seeing the wide eyed look and beaming smile on your young daughter’s face the moment she gets to meet in person her favorite Disney princess at Disneyland.  Priceless!

Travel Agent Day 2018 - Helen photo onlyHELEN KLASSEN

What destination do you dream of visiting that you haven’t made it to yet?  I have always dreamed of travelling to New Zealand. I have heard so many positive and amazing aspects about it.

What is your favourite destination to visit and why? Ireland was my favorite destination to visit. It is such a beautiful country with it’s stunning scenery, and fun and friendly people. The country offers something for everyone; from it’s poetry and history, to their local cuisine, numerous pubs, and magical charm.

Tell me about your favourite travel moment.  My favorite travel moment was taking my two children to Disneyland when they were young. Seeing the excitement on their faces and watching them believe in the magic of that atmosphere is something I will never forget.

ANNETTE FREYTravel Agent Day 2018 - Annette photo

What is the one thing you always travel with?   The one thing I always travel with is granola bars and Pringles. You just never know when you have a snack attack.

What destination do you dream of visiting that you haven’t made it to yet?  The next destination I would like to travel to is Ireland.  The pictures look amazing and a place with Beer can’t be wrong.



Travel Agent Day 2018 - Casie photo only




What is the one thing you always travel with?  I always travel with my camera. I love being able to look back at the places I’ve been and memories I’ve made.

What destination do you dream of visiting that you haven’t made it to yet?  I have always dreamed of going to Australia and New Zealand. I would love to go sky diving in New Zealand!

What is your favourite destination to visit and why?  Italy has been my favorite destination so far because of the people I met. It’s a beautiful country to explore plus so much pizza, pasta and wine!

Why did you become a travel agent?  In grade 12 I went to Vietnam and that was my first big trip. I completely fell in love with travel so I became a travel agent to help people make their dreams come true. I think there is so much to see in the world and everyone should experience it.

Want to know more about the adventures our team has been on?  Check out our YouTube channel or our Instagram page for tons of fun content from our own trips.