The Emerald Isle With Stephanie – Part 2

I’m so glad this tour has included Northern Ireland.  Giant’s Causeway, and the whole northern coast, is not something to be missed. The stunningly beautiful landscape was formed from several volcanic eruptions, ranging from roughly 58 to 61 million years ago.  During your visit, there is an audio guide to go along with your walk, which tells you about the folklore of the giant Fionn MacCool and how he created the causeway. There are thousands of natural columns, and 3 different trails to hike. The views are spectacular, and the folklore makes it that much more interesting.

Gians Causway

Giant’s Causeway

After our visit, we make our way back into Ireland to Sligo via Derry and Donegal, both towns of which we get a quick stop for a bite to eat or cup of coffee, and a bit of time to walk the streets. There is a pub on every corner, and even more in between. You’ll never be far from a pint!

The next day is another full of stops and sights. Galway is the first pit stop mid-morning, giving us time for a snack and cup of coffee. Since its Sunday, most of the shops are still closed in the morning, so we don’t have much of an opportunity for shopping. The city is popular for tourists in the summer, as there are lots of festivals. There is also a great historical district with a pedestrian only area full of shops, restaurants and pubs. I’ll have to make a point of coming back here in the summer to experience the city to its fullest.

Cliffs of Moher 2

Cliffs of Moher

The highlight of this leg of the journey is the Cliffs of Moher. Located about 90 minutes from Galway, the cliffs are a sight to behold! I heed a warning first; it is extremely windy here, and the weather changes on a dime (much like Saskatchewan). Within 30 minutes there was sun, wind, rain and snow. Dress in layers, and make sure everything is secure; ball caps will definitely be gone with the wind. Once you get past the hurricane force wind (at least it seemed so), the views are spectacular.

Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher

The cliffs are nearly 700 feet high, and have the beautiful ocean crashing along the bottom. If the wind hits just right, it will carry the mist all the way up the cliffs. You’ll end up with fabulous photos, and scenery that is second to none.

The day finishes up in Limerick, where there is an optional excursion available to Bunratty Castle for a night of medieval feasts and entertainment. I’ve opted to just stay at the hotel tonight, and enjoy dinner at a nearby pub. It was a pretty long day already, and I’m definitely ready for bed. Tomorrow brings another day filled with small towns and majestic scenery.

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