Colleen’s Cabo Getaway – Part 1

Hola from Mexico! 


Great views from the RIU Santa Fe Beach

This is my first trip to Cabo so I was not sure what to expect but we arrived to a large modern airport that was very well run. When we arrived at customs all custom booths were open and it went very quickly considering there were a couple of planes coming in. We arrived at our home, The RIU Santa Fe two hours after we landed which is great. The RIU is in Cabo San Lucas and it the farthest hotel from the marina area. Check in was quick and we were taken to our room in building 5. If you have any mobility issues ask to be on the ground floor as there are no elevators and some rooms are 3 stories high so that means a lot of stairs. The only building with an elevator is building 7 which is an upgrade. We of course are on the third floor so lots of steps for us.  Our room is nice and clean but very basic. They supply soap and shampoo and nothing else. You will need to bring everything. The resort is not that big but is very well kept and clean. We are beach people so we headed out to look at the beach. It is nice but too dangerous to swim and there has been no attention to anyone sitting on the beach. There are a couple of chairs down there but no shade and a volleyball net. There is a roped off area to keep the vendors at bay but once you cross the rope to get to the ocean you’re fair game. We headed back to the pool area which is very nice with an infinity pool and two smaller pools with swim up bars. What I did notice is that there is only one bathroom down by the pool area so that means I am staying out of the swim up bar pools. In the hour we sat down there no one left their seats but continued drinking.   They must have great bladders!  Overall it looks like a nice resort.


Not a bad spot to take in the views

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