Correna’s Asian Adventure – Final Blog

Hong Kong, WOW!

This what an amazing city, I have pretty much been in awe the whole time I have been here.  I tried to find some awesome pictures to attach but when I look back on my phone I don’t have any.  I really don’t want to experience my time in Hong Kong through my camera as I might miss something.  Wednesday the 14th I joined the Deluxe Hong Kong Island tour.  This was by far my most busiest day.  Up and gone from the Pentahotel by 9 am as the tour started at 10:30 am.  The tour covered a lot of ground and did include Dim Sum at the Jumbo Floating restaurant.  Before lunch we made the steep trip up on the tram to the Peak to see the view of Hong Kong.  We then took a little tour of the Aberdeen Fishing village before stopping for lunch.  After our meal we headed for a jewellery factory and then onto Stanley Market.  We were finished our tour around 5 pm and then we’re dropped off at our pickup locations.


As I was already downtown I decided that it was time to checkout Temple Street Market.  Now try to find the place.  I knew the general direction as I had been lost a couple of time in the TST area a few times already. So I did what any tourist does and just follow the crowd!  The market is about a 15 minute walk from the craziness of the core area.  I was totally overwhelmed and didn’t end up buying a whole lot of anything.  I am going to head back today to scope out the Ladies Market and then this evening back to Temple Street if need be.
My flight back home is for tomorrow, I will for sure be coming back to Hong Kong!  How about a ladies shopping tour, who’s with me?????

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