Joanne and Annette Take on Iceland – Final Blog

Well we have had a few busy last couple days in Iceland. Yesterday we took in the most popular tour in Iceland – The Golden Circle which consists of 3 sights.  Geyser Geo Thermal area where hot springs are in abundance, geysers explode and pools of mud bubble. Our second stop was Gull Foss which is the Queen of Icelandic Waterfalls.  Our last stop was the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Pingvellir National Park where Iceland’s most historical events have taken place. We definitely got our exercise in with all the hiking we did and the rain didn’t start until we were on our way back to the hotel.

iceland 04

Little Geyser

iceland 05

Gull Foss



Sunday morning we boarded the Puffin Express Boat for our last tour. They took us out past the bay to view the Atlantic Puffins on the islands just outside of Rekjavik. We saw many Puffins resting on the rocks, swimming in the water and flying around us. After our tour ended we wandered around some more and tried the traditional lobster soup.

We are now just winding down and preparing for our trip home.

Joanne and Annette Take on Iceland – Part 2

Well it has been an adventurous couple of days, yet relaxing if that makes sense. Yesterday we took a 50 minute bus ride to the Blue Lagoon where we bathed in the geothermal pool. We gave ourselves silica masks and algae masks (wrinkle killer) that come from the Lagoon and surprisingly our faces actually feel smoother today! Even though it rained while we were in the pool it was a very enjoyable afternoon. The one thing to keep in mind is that food and drinks are very expensive, especially at tourist spots. A sandwich, pop and veggies were $34.00CAD. We were told by some locals that people from Iceland don’t go as it is too expensive.

iceland 03

Blue Lagoon

Today was a sleep in day. Last night we did not wake up at 2am and look outside to see if it gets dark, as right now it never does – it is light all night. We then ventured downtown to take in the festivities of Iceland’s national holiday. We wandered around the streets and discovered even better Icelandic wool stores than the day before. We came across a square that had a big screen set up showing the Euro Cup. There were plenty of people just sitting and watching while enjoying hotdogs. Then we continued on and ran across a hall where a band was playing traditional folk music and people were dancing.

So after 5 hours of wandering around downtown we we decided to take the  bus back to the hotel as we have an early start tomorrow.


Stay tuned.

Joanne and Annette Take on Iceland – Part 1

Our journey began on June 13th departing on Iceland air from Edmonton.  My economy comfort seats that I bid on were upgraded to business class which was amazing. We enjoyed big cushy seats with nice plush blankets and pillows, free food and drinks. It made the overnight flight very relaxing and enjoyable. It was spectacular to look out the window as we flew over Greenland to see the terrain consisting of snow covered mountains and glaciers.

iceland 01


On day 2 we experienced Reykjavik’s grand city tour which consisted of rich culture, history and natural environment. Highlights of the tour include Hallgrimskirkja Church,  Perlan with 360 degree view of the city, the lighthouse that is the closest point to Greenland which was 275km away, then our tour ended at the Harpa concert hall in downtown Reykjavik where we left the tour. From there we wandered the streets to do some shopping to pick up our Icelandic woolen souvenirs. We have become professionals at taking the bus around the city and boy do they drive like maniacs. Stay tuned for part two.

iceland 02

Hallgrimskirkja Church



Correna’s Asian Adventure – Final Blog

Hong Kong, WOW!

This what an amazing city, I have pretty much been in awe the whole time I have been here.  I tried to find some awesome pictures to attach but when I look back on my phone I don’t have any.  I really don’t want to experience my time in Hong Kong through my camera as I might miss something.  Wednesday the 14th I joined the Deluxe Hong Kong Island tour.  This was by far my most busiest day.  Up and gone from the Pentahotel by 9 am as the tour started at 10:30 am.  The tour covered a lot of ground and did include Dim Sum at the Jumbo Floating restaurant.  Before lunch we made the steep trip up on the tram to the Peak to see the view of Hong Kong.  We then took a little tour of the Aberdeen Fishing village before stopping for lunch.  After our meal we headed for a jewellery factory and then onto Stanley Market.  We were finished our tour around 5 pm and then we’re dropped off at our pickup locations.


As I was already downtown I decided that it was time to checkout Temple Street Market.  Now try to find the place.  I knew the general direction as I had been lost a couple of time in the TST area a few times already. So I did what any tourist does and just follow the crowd!  The market is about a 15 minute walk from the craziness of the core area.  I was totally overwhelmed and didn’t end up buying a whole lot of anything.  I am going to head back today to scope out the Ladies Market and then this evening back to Temple Street if need be.
My flight back home is for tomorrow, I will for sure be coming back to Hong Kong!  How about a ladies shopping tour, who’s with me?????

Correna’s Asian Adventure – Part 2

I have been in Thailand a few days now and have been fairly busy or sleeping, I know that sounds weird but the jetlag is kicking my butt.  I go hard and then bam, time to go right to bed or I am going to fall asleep where ever I am at the moment.  My first three nights I spent at the Grand Centara Krabi, the only way to reach the resort is by water or you can walk the monkey trail.  With it being sooooo hot I took the speed boat transfer.  The Centara is a very nice resort in a protected park so you can imagine all the mosquitos lol.  Repellant is a must as I am covered with bites and so was everyone else. The resort is geared to couples and families so pretty low key and since you have to take the shuttle back and forth it is not a place if you are looking for night life.  You do have to prepare book the shuttle as they do have limited space and hours.  While I was at the Centara I did go on the James Bond tour which was a highlight for me.  I am a James Bond freak so I was looking for Roger Moore, Tattoo and a Junk Boat.  I know this tour may not be for everyone but if you were a kid in the 70’s I’m pretty sure you would have watched this movie a few times as we only had three or four tv channels and you had to watch what was on.

Yesterday when I was packing up to head into Aonang Beach I was visited by Monkeys.  They were everywhere!!!!  I was able to snap a few pictures and also a video.


I transferred to my new hotel, the Pakasai Resort.  It is in a great location close to the beach and shopping.  I also was able the find the Massage Corner and have my first Thai massage!  I sure didn’t know that my body could be twisted and cracked so much.  They are in the middle of construction in Aonang, right now it looks like a bulldozer has pretty much come in and tried to remove the whole block.  They have started to rebuild in some areas of the street and looks like it will be amazing when they have everything finished.

Well I think it is time to try and get a little sleep.  I have to be wide awake for my Thai cooking class tomorrow!

Correna’s Asian Adventure – Part 1

My day started off fairly early – set my alarm for 0330, boy that hurt.  I am going to have a very long travel day and a half.  Flying from Saskatoon to Krabi via Vancouver and Hong Kong.  I am flying with Air Canada and Hong Hong Kong airlines.  My first flight with Air Canada was on a Jazz flight but I was extremely lucky and was upgraded to business class!  This never happens to me so I was pumped, they did put me in a window/aisle seat as the plane is 1 and 2.  I loved the leg room and service but pretty much froze, for people who know me this NEVER happens.  I ended up having to put on my sweater, scarf and then the flight attended gave me a blanket and hot cup of tea.  If I am ever lucky enough to be upgraded again on this flight I will make sure to make a quick trip to the bathroom  to put more clothes on. We were fed breakfast on the flight so when I arrived in Vancouver and checked into the Maple Leaf lounge I sure didn’t need their scrambled eggs, sausage and toast. It was fairly busy in the lounge so I just grabbed a chair and here I sit trying to make this entertaining, if I have failed just humor me and tell me I did a good job 😓.

My flight from Vancouver to Hong Kong was alright, I am not the best long haul flyer as I can never sleep. This flight was a lot easier as I was flying in Premium Economy with Air Canada. Only a short 13 hours and 5 minutes later we arrived in Hong Kong, woohoo I made it!  I can’t believe how much they feed you on this flight, we were served three meals and snacks!  I know you get bored on a flight by holy who can eat all that food?!

Onto Hong Kong airport! Since my next flight was with Hong Kong Airlines and I was not able to check my bags all the way through, I then had to clear customs and pick up my baggage.  I have never been through this airport before and was a little intimidated by the size.  We are not in Saskatoon anymore Toto!

I had booked myself time at the Plaza Premium lounge before I left home and since I had been awake since 3 am, all I cared about was finding the lounge, having a shower, and catching a nap.  When I travel I always ask for directions, so I stopped at the first information desk I came across to ask for directions.  To make sure I was still on the right track, I stopped again at the second one. Yes, I know overkill.  I finally found the lounge, which just happened to be under renovations so it took a little longer for my turn to shower. At that moment, the best part of my trip has been the shower.  You did have to be careful where you stood because of the reno’s but oh my it was amazing 😂.

I didn’t try much of the food at the lounge as I was still full from all the plane food, but I was able to nap a little in their big comfy chairs.  The arrivals lounge is a lot smaller and quieter than the international departure Plaza lounge, I took a quick peek while I was walking by and can pretty much guarantee that no one would have been able to nap in that place. They have a lot for food and drink options, but I was looking for some thing a lot lower key.

Once I got checked in and through security I couldn’t believe the size of the airport.  My gate was 524, yes, five hundred and twenty four. On my way to find my gat,e I was surrounded by wealth. Chanel, Gucci, Hermes and Rolex just to name a few.  I wish that these stores were in line with my travel budget!

So onto Krabi!  My flight was for 2 am, everyone just jumped in line before they even told us they were boarding and bam on the bus to make the transfer and we are on our way.  The Hong Kong Airline flight was on a smaller plane, I would compare it to an Enerjet flight that we used to have out of Saskatoon. The flight was just over 3 hours and my transfer was already waiting for me when we arrived.  That is pretty much my travel day and a half.