Trista’s Now in Curacao! Part 3 – Final Blog

The trip has come to the end, but the memories of Curacao will live on forever! This bucket list destination was everything I hoped it to be and more!

Our Island Tour with Robert from Peter Trips was the icing on the cake, travelling around the entire island to gain knowledge and culture about this beautiful Dutch island! The tour was only $50 USD per person and we were picked up right from our hotel just before 9 am to start our adventure. First we headed south towards Jan Thiel for the Million Dollar View overlooking the Spanish Waters. Next, we headed back north towards Salina where the Curacao Liquor Distillery is located. We learned that the fruit to make this liquor was brought over to the island many years ago but it did not end up thriving there, so its only use is the peel of the fruit for the tasty blue liquor! There are 5 different colours: blue, green, red, orange and white, all of which have the same flavour, just enhanced with food colouring. Just a few years ago the distillery created 3 new flavors: chocolate, coffee and rum, raisin that each have very a unique, tasty flavour!

Curacao 06

Curacao Liquor

From here we drove through Willemstad where Robert pointed out all the main attractions in town, such as Fort Amsterdam, Rif Fort, the Queen Emma Pontoon bridge, Queen Juliana bridge, the Curacao and Dushi signs, which in their local language,”Dushi” means “sweet!”

Next stop on our tour is on the far north coast of the Island at Shete Boka National Park, also known as 7 bays. Here we watched the ocean waves crash into the bays of the coast and even got to see it from inside a cave! There are also plenty of hiking trails if you have extra time. Soon after we found ourselves on Playa Kalki, the first beach from the north on the eastern coastline of the island. Here we had a short lunch break, then we headed to the famous tropical Knip Beach for an amazing view and a quick swim! On our way back to the Sunscape hotel, we made one last stop at the salt lakes of Jan Kok where the flamingos live. We arrived back at the resort around 4 pm after a full day of exploring on this informative tour!

Curacao 07

Knip Beach

Our last full day on the island was spent relaxing on the beach and before we knew it, we were on our way back to the airport.

I can definitely say that staying the 2 nights in Toronto to get to Curacao was definitely worth it. We took advantage of our time in Toronto with an extended connection so we had most of the day to wonder the downtown area. From the airport we took the train to Union Station, where we enjoyed most of the day exploring the CN tower, walking along the waterfront, as well through the entertainment district, financial district and old town! We also stopped at the St Lawrence markets for a delicious savoury crepe for lunch. Our day in Toronto was a great experience as I have only visited the airport in the past!
Curacao 08.JPG

This trip was so amazing and I can’t wait to tell everyone about this great destination and resort! If you are looking for that off the beaten track kind of trip, but you like the comforts of all inclusive, this may be the resort and destination for you!!

For any more information about Curacao, please contact Trista at or 306-934-3400

Curacao  06