St Emilion – Day 1

After picking up Jan and Ken at the airport, we picked up our rental car from Avis (thank you UNIGLOBE for finding such a great deal) and off we went.  It’s a short drive of about 50 minutes and we have rented a 2 bedroom apartment right in the heart of St Emilion.  The trick is trying to drive through this medieval town to get to it.  Our GPS was of little use and after several attempts and driving the wrong way down a one way street, we got to within a block of it.  Park the car and walk!

The apartment was booked through Airbnb, the first time we have used this site and all worked out well.  It is a funky apartment over an Art Gallery and the location is perfect, right in the middle of St Emilion, exactly where we wanted to be.

This is the view right out our window…


After a quick unpack, we are off to dinner at the restaurant Le Tertre and meet up with our good friends and fellow travellers Don, Diane, Pat and Shiela.  A fantastic meal and an extensive wine list accompanied with great fellowship made for a very memorable evening.  A little jet lag meant for an early night to get ready for tomorrow’s exploring!


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