Trista Heads to Hawaii – Final Blog

A very big Mahalo to all the lovely Hawaiian locals who took the time to share the history, passion and Aloha of the Hawaiian Island!

Our last day in Kona, we embarked on a walking tour down the main strip. We started our day at Hulihe’e Palace, a heritage site, with a guided tour that filled us with information on the history of King Kamehameha and the royalty line that lived here. The home is filled with amazing artifacts and hand crafted antique furniture, mainly made from Koa which is a very expensive Hawaiian hardwood.

We crossed the street and stepped inside another heritage site, The Moku’aikaua Church which is Hawaii’s first church congregation established in 1820. Fascinating site, as there have only been minor updates to either damaged or destroyed parts of the church.

Down the street, close to the marina, we had a taste of Scandinavian Shaved Ice, which is a treat that is not to be overlooked!! Shaved ice, stuffed with ice cream and topped with multiple flavors of your choice. The below picture is the Lava Flow, my favorite treat on the trip!
Hawaii 02

We got to enjoy a very tasty lunch, pizza and beer from the local brewery at Kona Brew! If you are a beer drinker, don’t forget to stop here for a pint while visiting Kona, as they have tons of variety of beer, all very tasty, unique flavors.

The other half of our group enjoyed the morning with a Body Glove Tour, snorkeling through Captain Cook’s Cove discovering lots of fish, hundreds of spinner dolphins and one even got to see a Spotted Eagle Ray, relative to the Manta Ray that we missed a few days prior. They all came back with a slight sunburn but could not stop ranting about all the sea life they go to see!

This trip has been so informative and one to remember with such an array of sites to see. Don’t hesitate to book the Big Island for your next getaway and stay tuned for “We’ve Been There” in our email blast, mid-January for a great package deal I’ll have for you! Mahalo!

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