Trista Heads to Hawaii – Part 2

The Big Island has been treating us so well, we have had beautiful clear sunny days all week! Along the Hamakua Coast to Hilo, we got the opportunity to stop at Parker Ranch to see the heritage sites of the Paleo’s, which is Hawaiian for cowboys.

Our stop at Akaka Falls, the biggest straight drop waterfall at 240 feet, took us on a lush tropical forest walk by the Hakuna Falls as well. Both falls are spectacular sites that cannot be missed!

After checking into the Hilo Hawaiian Resort located on Hilo Bay overlooking the ocean, Hawaii Forest & Trail picked us up for our sunset tour of Volcanoes National Park. The sulfur in the air was prominent as we walked through the park towards the Calderon. In the distance you could see the glow of the volcano and as we got closer and night set in, the view became more impressive! After some time admiring this amazing glow in the dark, we headed down the way towards the lava tunnels and it was such an incredible feeling standing in this tunnel that lava once ran through. We were enlightened of the history of Hilo and the affects of tsunamis in this town while visiting the Tsunami Museum, a real eye opener how it all happened and the evacuation processes put into place after these historic events.

We took Saddle Road back to the west side of the island to Kona, where we prepared for our night snorkel with the manta rays! Here we had some unfortunate luck and the rays did not come out to see us, a once a year event that is very rare. The company does have a manta ray guarantee so everyone has the opportunity to rebook the tour to see the rays another night. With our busy schedule, we will not have that opportunity so I look forward to hearing about this amazing experience from another’s point of view!

We did get hands on experience in coffee roasting with the Ueshima Coffee Company up in the mountains with incredible mountain and ocean views! This island is so diversified with a variety of activities to experience for all types of travelers! Tomorrow we get to learn more about the town of Kona and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Hawaii 01

View from Hilo Hawaiian Resort


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