Amanda Visits Puerto Vallarta – Final Blog

Well it saddens me to say today is my last day in the lovely Puerto Vallarta. I did two great excursions today.

The first one was a City Highlights tour with Vallarta Adventures.  We did modified version of it. First our guide took us to where more of the locals live in Pistilla. We got to see their shops and their houses. It is very humbling to see how simple life is compared to our busy culture. It is neat how to catch the bus: you just put out your hand to signal the bus to stop and there are no designated stops. You can catch it anywhere.  We also visited a church and the popular downtown and Boardwalk areas. Lots of little shops with the locals selling their handiwork.  He took us by the marina area which is where all the cruise ships dock and people keep their boats/yachts. It looks like a newer area with more contemporary feel to it.  The modified part  of the excursion we enjoyed was going to the Riviera Nyarit area.  This definitely had a North American feel and was mostly the newer hotels that are very modern.  The shopping there is more like at home as well.  Then we experienced the Bucerias area a little and saw more locals and their craftsmanship. We were told that the beaches and swimming in the Nayarit and Bucerias areas is better than in the Puerto Vallarta. It isn’t as pebbly or rocky and the water is calmer. All in all a great overview of the Puerto Vallarta areas that are popular for tourists.

The second excursion to top off our evening and stay here was the excursion to Rhythm of the Nights with Vallarta Adventures. We took about an hour boat ride over to a secluded area called the Caletas. They have day tours here as well but this show we attended at night was amazing. Getting off and on the boat was a little tricky at the dock there as the boat rocks due to the tides and waves.  Had to hold on tight!

We were greeted by some amazing people dressed up in costumes of lizards, mermaids, a tree, owl, etc. They were posted all along the pathway to the restaurant.

We had a huge variety of food to choose from for supper.  Everything tasted fabulous. The entire area was lit by candlelight and torches, even their bathrooms were candle lit! We were also serenaded by some local musicians.

After eating, we saw the amazing show. Lots of live acrobatics, gymnasts, people flying through the air above, fire dancing and just great overall entertainment. It was a 45 minute show and I could have definitely watched for longer.

It was an hour boat ride back to Puerto Vallarta and the crew on board put on some great entertainment mentioned themselves. They were dressed up as clowns and did a number. Then there were the Blues Brothers who did one of their songs, and to top it off one of the guys put on a short magic show.  It was very entertaining as well.

This whole trip was an amazing learning opportunity for me as I have never been here before. I now feel like I can better help clients with this destination as to where to stay that will suit their needs and make some recommendations as to what to see!

Thanks for reading and see you when I get back. Stay tuned for one more blog post when I come back – I would love to share my pictures, too!