Colleen’s Mayan Vacation Part 3

The beauty of staying at a very large resort is that you have a lot of restaurants to choose from and the Barcelo has restaurants in spades. The restaurants have to be reserved in advance so we went to Guest Services office on Sunday morning and booked all our restaurants. The number of restaurant nights that you are able to reserve will depend on which hotel you book, number of nights that you are staying and if you are booked in a Club Premium room. We were able to go to 5 different restaurants.

The first restaurant that we went to was the Santa Fe which is a steak house. Our waiters weredressed in western wear with a western theme.  So if you’re looking for a great steak, this might be the one for you. Our next restaurant was the Capri which is an Italian restaurant. The food here was great and our chef was Italian. Some of the Italian customers stopped to have a quick chat about the food and it seemed to be a heated debate. They also have a wood oven to cook their pizza so we had to sample that too. The Mexican Lindo restaurant in the Maya Beach is a great atmosphere and we tried a lot of different dishes, but not too spicy. We also went to the Tokyo restaurant in the Maya Mall. I always love sitting around the table watching the chef cook and meeting your dinner companions for the night. There was just way to much food and we left happy and full. Our last night was at the La Trattoria another Italian restaurant. We love Italian food and were happy to be able to sample both. The menus were very different except for the wood stove pizza that we had to have again. There were many other restaurants to choose from but there are only so many nights. At each restaurant, there is a wine menu if you would like to purchase a bottle of wine instead of the wine supplied. If you are really into wines, you might want to pay as the wine served with dinner was not very good.

All other restaurants for breakfast and lunch are buffet.  Just a note about breakfast, try to get there before 9:00am as it gets really busy and the service gets behind. We usually ate at the Rancho Grill for lunch as they had the most extensive buffet.

No matter the restaurant, we always found something that we liked and the staff was really great. Sometimes they were run off their feet but would always get to you with a smile. Food is always a big part of our holiday and we were not disappointed with any of the restaurants.  Another big plus to book at the Barcelo Hotel on the Mayan.