Elena’s Peru Adventure – Part One

Well my grand Peru adventure started with flying out of Saskatoon phase one of the newly renovated airport. All I have to say is it is beautiful and I can’t wait for the finished product!
I flew direct to Toronto then conected to the direct Air Canada Toronto to Peru flight. All the flights were great. Great job, Air Canada! The only down fall was walking past business class and seeing the lay down beds on my way to economy class.I arrived in Lima on Saturday morning at 6:35 am. After picking up my other G Adventure friends, we were off to our hotel.  After a few hour nap and shower, my roommate and I were off to explore the district of Miraflores, Lima. After making our way though the Spanish menu at lunch, we stumbled upon the double decked city bus tours. For 3 hours and only s/65.00 (soles) or $24 USD we toured the city.
Sunday morning we flew to Juliaca ( a 1hour, 30 min flight) we took a bus for 2 hours to Puno and Lake Titicaca. Well I fared okay with the altitude sickness compared to some in our group. You see Puno is located 3850m above sea level. I read about altitude sickness and didn’t think much of it… well lets just say walking from the plane to the baggage carousel made my heart feel like it was going to jump out of my chest. Once we arrived at the hotel in Juliaca everyone just laid low, had a nap, and tried to get adjusted to the pressure. From 3-8 pm there was a massive parade through the streets with different villages celebrating the city anniversary. The costumes and music were amazing and so cool to see.
This morning we boarded our Peru limos to the pier… little bike tuck tucks. Once at the pier we boarded our boat tour of Lake Titikaka for the day. First we stopped at Uros and the floating island and saw how the locals live on reed islands, it was so cool! Whole little villages made from reeds that grow in the lake. The we were off to Taquile Island. The town’s square is at the top of the mountain which we hiked and is 3950m above sea level. Well I might not be hiking Machu Picchu on this trip, but let me tell you that little hike gave me and idea of what it’s like. Your lungs burn, your heart is racing, all while your saying to yourself, “Really??” At the top we had lunch with a beautiful view of Bolivia in the distance and Lake Titikaka around us.
Well that’s were I’m going to end for now. It’s 945pm and I have a 4am departure for Cuzco in the am. There’s a strike in Juliaca which will cause us some delays so we’re starting early.
Until next time Chicas