Correna’s trip to Oahu – Final Blog


This is my last night in O’ahu đŸ˜¦

I have decided that for me the North Shore is where I would like to vacation when I come back. The little beach town of Haleiwa is right up my alley. They are just starting construction on the main street as they are wanting to draw more people to the shore. This area of the island has the largest waves in the fall and winter so if you are wanting to watch great surf competitions this is the place to be.  In the summer the North Shore water is so much calmer that it is great for families who are just wanting to spend time at the beach and just relax. There is really only Turtle Bay for resorts but you can always rent a home for a week or two.  For food options there, are little mom and pop restaurants in town so you will have no problem finding affordable great options. We did stop for shaved ice at Aoki’s and then for the most amazing pies at Ted’s Bakery.

While we were in O’ahu we did have a presentation by Manly Ku’ualohaponia ‘ole Kanoa on Hawaiian Culture. We were taught the pronunciation of some Hawaiian names and phrases and then we’re tested on then today. Talk about stressful, thank goodness that is done. Did you know that there are only 14 letters and symbols in the Hawaiian alphabet?

Welcome -Welina mail!
Good morning – Aloha kakahiaka
Thank You – mahalo
Until we meet again – a hui hou

This was the word I was give to say right off the bat, Humuhumunukunukuapua’a – this means Trigger fish with blunt face of a pig.

Well guess this is the end of my blog as I am heading home tomorrow, if anything exciting happens before I leave I will be back.


Shaved Ice

Teds Bakery