Nicole’s Barbados

Carnival! This was our first day and what a great first impression. You really get a chance to meet and see the people of the island. Everyone is very welcoming! We got to participate in the carnival, and walk the streets. Music playing Barbadians danced in their costumes and put on a great performance. You don’t have to worry about water as they hand it out lots while walking. It’s unbearably hot. Take in the culture enjoy great company and see the local area!

Oistins! It’s a full street of little markets of local food, and souvenirs. It’s located directly on the beach and is a great way to spend a evening socializing. This is a perfect area to hang out, shop, and take in some local dance. There’s some great local fish fry.

Eating your way around Victoria in 3 days – Jamie’s Adventure

If you’re looking for a place to kick back and relax for a few days with some good food and drink, Victoria might be the perfect place for you!

We stayed at the charming Laurel Point Inn in a beautiful, roomy terrace suite. It may seem that this tucked away gem is out of the way, but the 10-15 minute walk to downtown forced us to walk off some of our over indulgences. 🙂 We were lucky to have lots of sunshine, even though it was a bit cool, so the walks were welcome and it’s a picturesque route along the harbour.

Inn at laurel point

Victoria Harbour

We started out our visit with dinner and a couple of locally brewed pints at the Canoe Brewpub. The mussels and frits were fabulous, fresh and tasty as were the fish and chips. The folowing day we hit up the famous dockside Barb’s Fish n Chips at Fisherman’s Wharf for a late lunch. After a day of ziplining it hit the spot!


Dinner that night was a highlight. At the hotel’s recommendation we made a reservation at Il Terrazzo. It’s off Johnson Street in Waddington Alley and unless you were looking for it, you would never know it was there. The ambiance with its exposed brick courtyards, 6 original fireplaces and candlelight was romantic and perfect for a nice night out. The tomato soup, goat cheese salad and halibut with berry and peppercorn glaze was to die for. Mark said the same of his salmon, but I still think mine was better. A nice bottle of wine from their extensive wine list topped it off.

Victoria Fairmont Empress

Our third day found us breakfasting at Aura at the Inn at Laurel Point. The eggs benedict with melon and grapefruit salad was just right to set us off on our whale watching excursion (although it didnt help us find any whales!) Hungry when we returned, we decided to check out The Joint – a pizzeria we had passed a few times that always smelled great. With their homemade whole wheat thin crust and loads of fresh toppings, we had no problem cleaning up our entire large pizza!

For our last evening meal, we decided Chinatown was a must. We went for a casual meal at the Golden City. We got there near closing time without realizing it. The service was still fantastic and welcoming and the food was good, fresh, hot and came out quickly.

With one morning and afternoon left, we decided on lunch at the Local Kitchen on the harbour – great homemade carrot ginger coconut soup (I must try this at home!) and calamari. By this point we were almost too full to move and our pants are feeling snug from days of enjoying all Victoria has to offer, so our last meal was a Mark’s Big Hot Dog at Mark’s Hot Dog stand near the BC museum…perfect way to end the trip before heading back to the airport!

Jamie and Mounty Bear

Correna’s trip to Oahu – Final Blog


This is my last night in O’ahu 😦

I have decided that for me the North Shore is where I would like to vacation when I come back. The little beach town of Haleiwa is right up my alley. They are just starting construction on the main street as they are wanting to draw more people to the shore. This area of the island has the largest waves in the fall and winter so if you are wanting to watch great surf competitions this is the place to be.  In the summer the North Shore water is so much calmer that it is great for families who are just wanting to spend time at the beach and just relax. There is really only Turtle Bay for resorts but you can always rent a home for a week or two.  For food options there, are little mom and pop restaurants in town so you will have no problem finding affordable great options. We did stop for shaved ice at Aoki’s and then for the most amazing pies at Ted’s Bakery.

While we were in O’ahu we did have a presentation by Manly Ku’ualohaponia ‘ole Kanoa on Hawaiian Culture. We were taught the pronunciation of some Hawaiian names and phrases and then we’re tested on then today. Talk about stressful, thank goodness that is done. Did you know that there are only 14 letters and symbols in the Hawaiian alphabet?

Welcome -Welina mail!
Good morning – Aloha kakahiaka
Thank You – mahalo
Until we meet again – a hui hou

This was the word I was give to say right off the bat, Humuhumunukunukuapua’a – this means Trigger fish with blunt face of a pig.

Well guess this is the end of my blog as I am heading home tomorrow, if anything exciting happens before I leave I will be back.


Shaved Ice

Teds Bakery

Correna’s trip to Oahu – Part 2

Back again, sorry I haven’t been keeping you up to date but we have been extremely busy and I am getting old.

Last night was the first time that I tried shrimp and loved it. The General Manager of the Aston Waikiki Beach Tower treated us to his own shrimp scampi.  I decided I would give it a try as I do try the food that is served. Not that I always like it, but it is rude to not even try when you are a guest. Now this had to be one of the best things I had ever eaten and boy was it spicy. Pretty sure that is why enjoyed it as the spicier the better for me.  What a difference fresh shrimp is from what we have at home; it didn’t taste fishy at all.


food 2


Later in the evening I had another first, we took a walk to the International Market Place. This was very busy and repetitive.  I did find a little jewelry store that I may have to visit again tonight.

intl market

International Market Place

I am sure today will bring a few more firsts, so I better get dressed and head down for breakfast. Aloha and I will be back later.

Correna’s trip to Oahu

June 9th, 2013

Aloha, everyone!

Once again I am on a FAM in June.  I guess this is my month to travel. Today I am blogging to you from the Ocean House restaurant at the Outrigger Wakkiki Reef.

This is my first time to Oahu and I am still trying to get a feel for the island. We have been extremely busy as there is so much to see and do that we are trying to cram in as much as possible.  Right now though I am just relaxing and having my breakfast.  Here is a photo from my chair 🙂


The last few days have been crazy busy, when we arrived we were taken to the Ko Olina area of Oahu.  This is a newer development and is very resort-ish. Pretty sure that isn’t a word but that is what I would call it.  The Disney Aulaini is out in Ko Olina along with the Marriott.  Very nice and laid back, you most definitely do not have to go off to Maui if you are looking for R&R as you can do this all on Oahu.

Just a bit of information for people planning on coming and staying in Waikiki, the hotels right now are sold out and are constantly at a 98% capacity!  As well the excursions are usually sold out so please book these in advance.

On our first official day in Oahu we went swimming with the dolphins and then we did a trail ride. Still sunburnt from the dolphin swim and yes, my butt is still sore from the horse.  The last time I was on a horse must have been over 30 years ago and then I most definitely was not riding down a mountain!!!  We did have a couple of people who had some problems, so please make sure you do wear the helmets that are supplied and make sure you always have your insurance information with you.

Well it is time for me to go shopping as we do have a free hour this morning. I’ll be talking to you soon!