Jamie’s Jamaican SCUBA Adventure part 2

Well, by this time tomororow, I will have a PADI Scuba Card in my hand (my temporary one, anyway!).  The dive instructor that I had, Sugar, was awesome.  Conscience and very patient.  Despite the fact that I had done my pool and classroom work at home and that I had a refresher the week before we came, he made me get in the pool and demonstrate every skill before he would take me in the ocean.  He needed to be sure that I knew what I was doing – and it also got me more comfortable before doing my first ocean dive.

After that, we (me and a nice Swiss couple), headed out for our open water dives.  We did three dives and tested all our skills (and passed, thankfully!).  I saw lots of little Rays, Lionfish, lobsters, crabs, coral, conch shells and a multitude of brightly colored fish.  My favorites had bright yellow tails, with bright blue bodies and had lots of silver spots that seemed to glow from within.  I have no idea what they were, but they were gorgeous.

Now, I have one more dive to do tomorrow afternoon and that will be it.  A success!

After the diving, I had another great lunch at the beach grill of fried Calamari and caesar salad, then spent a couple of hours on the beach before going for a deep tissue couples massage.  The Spa was excellent and at one time was voted the best in the Caribbean.  Definitely worthwhile visiting while you are here.  THANK YOU again to all the people at work for the spa credit.  We loved it!!!

We checked out the menus at all three restaurants that we can go to (unfortunately, Mark forgot his fancy pants, so we can’t go to Otahaite, which is their formal a la carte).  The menu at the casual restaurant looked great tonight and it’s A La Carte again, so think we’ll just head over there.

2 thoughts on “Jamie’s Jamaican SCUBA Adventure part 2

  1. Hey partner…glad you are having a blast and be careful on the dives, we need you back at the office. Frankly, I think Mark left his dress pants at home on purpose…nothing beats shorts and a tee shirt 🙂

  2. I think Ed is right….I bet pants are still in the closet on purpose. Trip sounds awesome…can’t wait to see some pictures 🙂

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