Tour to India – Jo’s India part VI

Hello all,

We are currently at a  cardamom/coffee plantain in Munnar Kerala.

On Saturday November 5th we rented a vehicle at the Marriott and went to the airport to pick up Savita who was arriving at 11:30.  We were a bit concerned as after an hour she was still not out, apparently the custom guy has a bit of an issue with her passport–she has an indian name Savita but doesn’t speak Hindi, she was coming from England but has a Canadian passport etc.  Actually, she said that he was young so I am sure he just wanted to spend some time talking with him!

We asked her if she was okay with touring Bombay right awayS(from the airport) as this was her only opportunity to do so, she agreed so we went on a tour of Mumbai with her.  It was great to have Larry give her a commentary on Mumbai–Dhobhi Ghat, Victoria station, Gateway to India, Taj hotel, etc etc.  We went for a nice lunch and after a while she said that she was falling asleep so we brought her back to the hotel, where she fell asleep and Larry and I went for a bit of shopping.

We checked out really early on Sunday for flight to Kochi where our tour with Splendour holidays started.  We were picked up by a nice air conditioned car and driver and went straight to Allepy and a fantastic houseboat, where we stayed overnight and relaxed and ate and relaxed and ate!

This morning our driver picked us up and drove us to Munnar where we are this evening.  Kerala is experiencing monsoons so we have had rain each day a first time for me in India.  We just had Ayurvedic massage (Shai/Mum/Dad– thought of you again today) so we are a bit zoned out.

We are fine and doing okay.  Tomorrow we tour Munnar and then the next day, we are off to Kochi.

It is great to hear that everyone from the India tour is back in Canada, I am glad that everyone is safe and sound.  After I received the emails from everyone, I think I had the best sleep.  I am happy to report that except for one day that Blaine didn’t feel well, we didn’t have any other major illnesses (my biggest fear).

Time for a kingfisher…enjoy the day everyone,

Jo and family

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