Adrienne and Correna’s FAM 360 Day 3

Breakfast arrived at 930 and woke us up.  We headed for the deck for some sun and pretty much spent the whole morning in the sun, ouch sun burns!!!!!!

The afternoon we moved to the solarium which is the adult’s side and we parked in the shade.  The food in the Windjammer is alright as we have eaten lunch here the last few days, we have both commented that the food our last cruise was better!

Theatre on the ship

We did make it to the dinning room tonight for formal night, we are sitting with four other people, on couple fromMarylandand the other two people are fromTennessee!    Everyone is very friendly and we had a great time getting to know each other.

I would say that Royal Caribbean demographic is a lot younger than other cruise we have to compare with.

After dinner we went to the Ixtapa Lounge where they had Karaoke, there were a couple people who were really good, a few not so much, and a few who tried.  We then moved to the Metropolitan theatre and watched a comedian by the name of Jeff Jena for adult comedy.

Off to bed as we are in George Town, Grand Caymans.

Adrienne and Correna’s Fam 360 Day 2

We had a late checkout with the Hyatt as I filled out the information for the Gold Member status, this was great as we had a great sleep and were ready for the day!

Our room at the Hyatt

We left the hotel at 1330 on one on the shuttles at the hotel, this cost us $20.00 but well worth it as we had it in our heads that we could take our suite cases and make it over the bridge.  We didn’t realize how far our terminal was, good thing we took the shuttle!

It didn’t take us long at all to get through our check-in and on to the Navigator of the Seas!  Our room was ready when we boarded and our luggage arrived at our stateroom by the time we had lunch.  We thought that the RCI check-in went faster and more efficient than our last cruise.

Our ship left on time and we watched from the deck as we left port.  Our cabin in a Promenade stateroom that overlooks the whole downtown core which is cool!  There are a couple of drawbacks but nothing to drastic, we do have to keep the drapes drawn or you will have people looking into your room and we can also hear the noise from below us, if you have small children this could be a bother if they are light sleepers or have trouble going to sleep. Our stateroom is an alright size but smaller than the balcony stateroom we had on our last cruise.  I would still recommend upgrading to the promenade or balcony as the extra space is well worth the extra cost.

We didn’t make if down to the dinning room as we had a late lunch!  We pretty much walked the whole ship and we had some sore feet. There was a welcome on board parade down the promenade which we have a lot of pictures that we will share.  We caught the end of the comedy show, filled in our breakfast menus and were in bed by 2130.

Adrienne and Correna on Navigator of the Seas

Adrienne & Correna’s Cruise 360 FAM! Day 1

This morning we had to be at the airport for 4:00am, wow that was early!  We boarded at 5:20 with Delta and headed for Minneapolis (MSP), flight left a little early which was good.  The seat configuration was laid out 2 by 2, out of the three planes we were on today this one was the nicest and had the most room.  We arrived in MSP and the customs agent that we got was an ass!  He was screaming at people and was very rude.  Our line took forever to get through because he was playing the big shot.  We finally made it through customs and had to move to catch our flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta, this flight was right full and they were making some people check their roller board carry-on’s, they did let us board with ours but we were the last and we had to put them in the back of the plane.  Delta boards different in the states as they board by zones and not by filling the back of the plane forward which is why the luggage was all over the place.  Now saying that, when we were boarding in Atlanta to finally get here they did board from back to front and you should have heard the people complain!!!!  The flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta did have TV’s in the plane and satellite music, the flight from Saskatoon to Minneapolis nothing for entertainment and then the flight from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale did have in seat TV but nothing on them.  We didn’t have long waits at any of the airports, which was good.

We got to the airport in Fort Lauderdale, our luggage was a couple of minutes then we jumped in a cab and arrived at our hotel.  The cab ride was $20.00 so not too bad.  We checked in to the Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty-Six which we were really happy with, they upgraded us to a Marina view with two queen beds.  Brandon at the front desk was really helpful and funny, there was a couple complaining about their room beside us so he made some remark that he would put us in one of the good rooms and not a bad one, oh the look he got from the couple was hilarious.  Our room was very nice; I would have no problem using this hotel for clients who need an overnight in Fort Lauderdale.  I think it would be great for a girls get away as it is really pretty!  Oh, and also you get free internet!

Marina view from the Hyatt Regency Pier 66

We were starving so we walked across the draw bridge to find a restaurant.  We thought this walk took forever as we hadn’t eaten since 4:30am.  We were having trouble finding the restaurant row so we stopped a couple on the street and they gave us some directions to the Harbor View area.  We were in heaven, found a sports bar where they serve huge beers and the food was good.  We will be going back to this area when we are back next week for the conference! We also asked our waitress for some recommendations and she gave us a few.

Jackie’s Jamaica SuperClub’s FAM Day 8

Our bus to the airport was picking us up at 10:30 so we had to get packed and checked out early.  The airport was pretty busy but our check in went really smoothly and we had time to do some last minute shopping and have a snack before the flight.  The flight left on time.  The week went by really quick.  We had the best FAM host ever!  Andrea is awesome (she even bought us ice cream) I can’t wait until I can go back to Jamaica again…like the commercial says “once you go you know” !


Jackie’s Jamaica SuperClubs FAM Day 7

This was our last full day in Jamaica so we wanted to make the most of it. We met in the lobby and did a site inspection of our hotel with Ricardo.  He was the best host ever!  Half way through the tour we stopped in a hotel room for a glass of juice or water along with a cold towel.  When we stopped at the spa he had the ladies come out and give us a quick neck massage…what a treat! 

 After the inspection we walked over to HEDO II to do an inspection there.  It was about 10 am so it was a little quiet (I think they were recuperating from the piano bar and disco the night before).  There are two sides to the property.  There is a nude side and a prude side.  The beach at the nude side was busy and the prude side was pretty quiet.    I was really surprised to see it was not just the young beautiful people that you see in the brochure there was all shapes, sizes and ages.  After that inspection we were bussed to Rooms Negril.  It is a Superclubs hotel.  It is not all inclusive but the rooms were really nice.  There is a restaurant, bar, pool and it is on the 7 Mile Beach.  It is close to restaurants and shops.  It is the perfect hotel for people that want to experience the local culture i.e. restaurants and bars.  We had the afternoon free to work on our tans 🙂  .   

Sunset at Rick's Cafe

At 4:30 we went to Rick’s Cafe to watch the sunset.  One of the agents I was with jumped off the cliff into the ocean and got a huge bruise on her leg…I guess there is a trick to how you are supposed to enter the water.  They say sunset at Rick’s Cafe is in the top 1000 things you are supposed to do before you die so I guess I only have 999 to go!  The sun set right at 6:15 so we headed back to HEDO II for dinner. 

Sunset at Rick's Cafe

I had a steak and it was the best steak I have had in a really long time.  After dinner we headed back to our hotel.  The young agents went to the disco and us old ones went to the main bar to watch the entertainment.  I still had to pack so I didn’t stay out too late.

Jackie’s Jamaica SuperClubs FAM Day 6

After checking out and saying our goodbyes to the awesome staff at the Breezes RIO Bueno, we got on our bus to make our way to Breezes Grand Negril.  We stopped in Montego Bay to do some shopping on the Hip Strip.  The Oasis of the Seas was in port along with two other ships so we thought it would be really busy but it wasn’t.  I did my shopping at a store called Sharkeez. The prices were really good for Jerk spices (that was the only thing I was shopping for). The other ladies I was with bought rum cake, t-shirts and rum and said the prices were really good compared to the other stores they were in.   We still had about an hour bus ride to Negril.  There was a lot to look at so the trip went fairly quick.  

We were greeted at the Breezes Grand Negril by Ricardo the sales manager and a wonderful lady with a tray of cold towels and drinks.  We were moved to the piano bar to do our private check in with a drink served in a cantaloupe.   After we received our keys we were escorted to our room and the bellmen arrived with our luggage at the same time, (what awesome service) I loved our room!  We had an oceanfront room with an amazing view of Bloody Bay.  The beds were small but very comfortable.  I think what I liked the best was the 8 head shower…it was awesome! 

Breezes Grand Negril shower

It started to rain so we decided to not go to Rick’s Cafe so I went for a massage at the spa.  It was awesome!  We had dinner at the hotel with Ricardo and the sales manager from HEDO II which is right across the street.  After dinner were walked over to HEDO II.  There was a pyjama party in the piano bar which was quite interesting to say the least  🙂

Jackie’s Jamaica SuperClubs FAM Day 5

What an amazing time I am having here in Jamaica.  Yesterday was a free day and I spent it at the beach. This morning we were picked up and went to Mystic Mountain!  We went up the mountain in a quad chair like you would take up a mountain to ski.    What an amazing view on the way up!   At the top they offered a bob sled ride and a zip line tour.  I am a big chicken and don’t like heights so I took the chair down.  The other (younger) agents did the bobsled and the zip-line and said it was awesome.  We stopped at Scotchies (a road side jerk hut) for lunch….best jerk ever.  We are now back at the hotel for some sun.  Tomorrow we are going to Breeezes Grand Negril!