Cava Secreta’s French Wine Tour

Team Cava Wine Adventures – France 2010

Well our bags are packed and the excitement is building for our 10 day tour of French wine country.  I am Elizabeth, the Product Logistics coordinator, and Sandra, our Cava Wines Store Manager, are off to meet our fearless leader, Cam Rizos, in France.

Our tour plan includes some time in Paris, a jaunt to Beaune in the Burgundy wine region to sample world class wines, and several days in the south of France, visiting both Marrenon and Laurus wineries and sampling the joys of food and wine France has to offer!

We hope to not only be better educated about the intricacies of the wine import/export business, but also to bring back stories about the wine and the winemakers to share with the rest of the Cava Wines team, and our customers.  We are excited about the partnerships we are building with growers overseas to bring quality product to avid wine consumers in Saskatoon.

Talk to you next from Paris!

Elizabeth Ford

Cava Wines and Spirits

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