Jackie’s Trip to Bali – Day 9


We were picked up in the lobby at 12 noon and had a 15 minute ride to the Anik Spa.  We were going to take advantage of the 90 min per person Balinese Massage included in our package.  The only part we had to pay was the transfer which was 150,000 IDR which was about $15 CAD (return).  The massage was absolutely the best I have ever had!!!!! 

Me with the dancers 🙂

Dinner was setup on the beach and the theme was Bali.  The food was really good.  They had a show with Balinese dancers and it was fantastic!

Jackie’s Trip to Bali – Day 8

We were picked up in the lobby at 8 am.  We were on the “English Tour” and there was only 4 other people on it so we had lots of room in our van. 

Rice Fields

Our first stop was to see the Rice Fields.  They grow the rice on shelves and harvest by hand.  They work from sunrise to sunset and stop once for something to eat and to rest in the shade.  On this stop I also saw the biggest bat I have ever seen!

We drove through the country side and up to Lovina Beach.  This is where we had lunch.  The beach had black sand which was very coarse and hard to walk on.

The next stop was to a monkey forest.  I wasn’t sure about getting out of the van but they were not aggressive at all.  I was good to get out lots and walk around, even though we had lots of room in the van it was not really comfortable after a while.


They day started at 8 am and we were dropped off in our lobby at 6:30 pm.  We were greeted in the lobby by Balinese dancers.

We had dinner in the buffet (the theme was food from Around the World), it was really good.  We decided to book a 90 min couples massage for the next day (the massage was included in our package) so we called to arrange for a driver.  We are going to be picked up at 12 noon.

Jackie’s Trip to Bali – Day 7

Swim Up Bar

We had a quiet day today.  Buffet breakfast followed by a couple hours on the beach and in the ocean.  We spent the afternoon at the pool (me in the shade peeling lol) the weather is unbelievable!  We went for dinner on the beach again.  They had a made to order pasta bar and again the food was awesome.  We had an early night since we were going on the Northern Bali tour in the morning.

Jackie’s Trip to Bali – Day 6

A & W

We called our same driver and went to Kuta which was about 30 min away.  It was really busy there but the shopping was awesome in about two hours we had gifts for almost everyone at home.  Rod had a burger at A & W and he said it was really good.  

There was a beach bbq setup for dinner.  The setup was so nice and the food was great.  They also had a band.  Dining by candlelight on the beach is the best!!!!!

Jackie’s Trip to Bali – Day 4

After a restful sleep and once again a great breakfast we were checking things out at the hotel.  I booked a hour massage on the beach for $150,000 IDR (which was about $15 CAD)  it was awesome!!!!   Going to do that again a couple times before we go 🙂

Rod inquired about wireless internet for our room since we have our laptops and Iphones.  The cost for 24hours of internet over a 7 day period worked out to $20.  Very Cheap!

We have a few tours included with our package and we needed to decide when to do.  We decided to do the of Northern Bali on Tuesday Mar 23, the Oleh Oleh tour on Mar 25 and the Sailing Cruise to Lembongan Island.

Jackie Trip to Bali – Day 2

We checked out of our hotel and went to checkin for our Japan Airlines flight.  They had overbooked the flight (there was a large group) so we were upgraded to the upper deck.  It was so awesome I didn’t want to sleep and miss anything even though it was a 9 hour flight.  We had seats that reclined to a lounger and to a bed that had a massage option.  They gave us a real pillow with a pillow case and a quilted blanket.  There was only 22 seats up there and we had two flight attendants so the service was awesome….all the food and drinks we wanted (the wine was really good 🙂

Well I guess we should have slept on that one.  We landed in Narita (just outside of Tokyo) to change planes.  As we got off the plane there was someone there to tell us how to get to our next gate as we had to get on a tram to get to the other terminal.  We only had an hour but it was plenty of time.  We even tried out some yakisoba while we were waiting.  It was 450 Yen each which came to about $9 CAD.  This plane was not as nice as the first one and there sure was not lots of room.  Our knees were touching the seat in front of us and it was a long 8 hour flight (yup should have slept on the first one…oh well)

 We left Vancouver on Tuesday, Mar 16 12:30 pm and arrived in Bali on Wednesday Mar 17 at 11:15 pm. 

Denpasar Airport was really busy even that late at night.  Our first stop was to get our visas.  The cost was $25 USD per person and they would only take currency dated after 1999 and it had to be in “good shape”.  After the visa we had to clear customs and get our luggage.  The whole procedure took about 45 minutes.  As soon as we got outside we saw the Silk Holidays sign and were put on the bus to the hotel.  The hotel was only 10 min away so we were the first to get off.  We were greeted with a cold cloth and a cocktail. 

Our RoomAfter signing in we were escorted to our room.  The room was awesome!  They had bottle of wine open and ready for us.  We had a drink and went to bed.

Jackie’s Trip to Bali – Day 1

We took the Westjet 6 am flight to Vancouver.   The flight stopped in Calgary but we didn’t have to get off which was good since we didn’t sleep the night before.  We landed in Vancouver at 8:30 am. 

We picked up our luggage and went to the Fairmont Airport Hotel to check in.  They had a room ready for us so we just went to sleep for a couple hours.  We took the Canada Rail from the airport to downtown.   The cost per ticket was $8.65 for a 2 zone fare.   We got off at the downtown station and walked a couple blocks to Robson Square.  The Paralympics were still on so downtown was still very active with Olympic fever.   There were lots of entertainers on the street as well as vendors selling pins, food etc.  We walked up Robson and then went down to the waterfront.  I was so excited to see the Olympic Cauldron lit.  We went to the Waterfront Station and took the Canada Rail back to the airport. It was only $3.65 for a 2 zone ticket for the return (there was a $5.00 airport surcharge for the first one).

Then Rod and I exchanged our money to Indonesian Rupiahs at the Currency Exchange.  We exchanged just over $500.00 CAD for $4,000,000.00 IDR.  We were millionaire’s lol!

Colleen’s Trip to Fiji – Day 5

Outrigger Fiji Pool

Well looks like my time in Fiji is coming to an end.

Our last night was at the Outrigger.  This is a very large hotel with plenty of restaurants and shops.  It is located just down the road from the Intercontinental on the Coral Coast.  The best part of the hotel is there spa that is located at the very top of the hills directly behind the hotel.  You have to go up by golf cart because you could not walk.  There is also a restaurant up here where the view is fantastic.

Just a few hints to wrap it all up, if you want great beaches ( the beaches that they show you in the brochure are exactly what you will see ) and when you see them you won’t ever want to come back.

The snorkeling is like nothing I have seen before.   Fiji is taking drastic steps to protect their reefs and there were 37 dive spots off of Castaway Island alone.

By far, the greatest asset of Fiji is the people.  They are the most accommodating and friendly people that I have ever meet.  You will always be greeted by Bula, which means hello, welcome, glad to see you and you can tell that they really mean it.  When you are leaving the island, they will sing the Fijian farewell song and for sure you will want to come back.