Ed’s trip to Greece

oiaSo this is our first attempt at creating a real time travel blog.  On Sunday, we are off to Greece, a small town on Santorini called Oia.  Oia is well known for it fantastic sunsets and it’s romantic setting over the Caldera…an extinct volcano and possibly home to the legendary city of Atlantis.  We visited this area a few years ago while on a Windstar Cruise and although we only spent a day on the island, we knew we wanted to go back.  And we are…to celebrate my wife’s BIG Birthday.

After our week on Santorini we will be off to the Amalfi Coast of Italy for a week and then to Venice for almost a week to explore all that this magnificent island has to offer.  Check back often for our ongoing adventures.

Ed Buchholz

President – UNIGLOBE Carefree Travel Group

Saskatoon, Sask., Canada

Welcome Fellow Travellers!

Welcome to Uniglobe Carefree Travel’s information blog.  Stay tuned! 

We will be updating you on all of our upcoming trips.  So, sit back, get comfortable and follow along as we post valuable, first hand information that we gain on our travels this spring and summer to Barcelona, Hawaii, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, France and Denmark…just to name a few! 

We will be reviewing airlines, hotels, local transportation and attractions.   There will also be ‘real’ photographs of hotels and resorts to help you make decisions on where to stay.

We would love to hear from you! Please post your comments and questions so that we may better assist you with your travel plans.