Czarina’s Hawaiian Holiday – Part 1


The beautiful island of Maui is where I begin my next adventure.  It’s my first time visiting this tropical paradise and I’m in love!  The people and the Polynesian culture are so very rich and inviting.  We have met so many wonderful locals with great tips on the best snorkelling spots and restaurants.

Driving around is a breeze and it’s important to have a rental car to see the sights.  We started out by spending a few nights in the small beachfront city of Lahaina. I love the small town charm and neat stores and boutiques.  Lots of great restaurants are walking distance from the Outrigger Aina Nalu, our condo styled resort only blocks away from the town centre.

Staying in a condo has its perks like saving money on meals.  We aren’t far from a grocery store and managed to grab some breakfast and lunch items for later.  Saving money like that means we can spend more money on fancy seafood restaurants!  Being a seafood fanatic can be an expensive habit.  Thankfully, there are great deals to check out.  Like $1 oysters at Fleetwood Restaurant with a rooftop view of the ocean and the surrounding mountains.  They were delicious!

Lahaina has a laid back charm that entices most visitors to check out.  The island of Lanai is in the distance which makes this the perfect spot to try surfing as the waves are not as harsh as other areas of Maui.  How do I describe surfing?  It’s like getting up in the middle of a wave onto a slippery bar of soap and feeling exhausted and bordering on passing out.  Lol!   Also, there is a marina area that takes visitors out to snorkel, or visit Lanai or whale watching.  We even saw whales in the distance from town as December is a great time to see them.  The only downfall is there isn’t much of a beach in Lahaina.  Thankfully, we get to end our stay in Wailea, where the beaches are amazing…


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